This Ferrari 308 GTB Is An Enthusiast’s Dream Come True

Petrolicious consistently produces some of the highest-quality and most cinematic car videos on the interior and this particular clip, featuring a stunning black 1977 308 GTB is one of its finest.

Ferrari took off the covers to the 308 GTB at the Paris Motor Show in 1975. Early models were powered by the F106 2.9-liter V8 with four twin-choke Weber 40DCNF carburetors and single coil ignition. The design of the 308 GTB is absolutely iconic, but it was one particular detective series that made the car really famous and actually influenced the owner of this particular example to purchase one; Magnum, P.I.

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For the show’s entire eight seasons, Thomas Magnum drove around in various 308s across Hawaii, and while they were the slightly more desirable 308 GTS models, they planted the seed in the mind of Steve Bolton to eventually own his very own piece of Italian automotive history.

Early 308 GTB models came complete with bodywork made from glass-reinforced plastic, but from 1977 onwards switched to more traditional (and heavier) steel bodies, just like the car featured here.

The Ferrari 308 GTB certainly isn’t to everyone’s taste, but that’s not what this video about. Instead, it is about how one man’s passion for the car led to him buying one and living out a childhood fantasy. We all have cars we dreamed about driving and owning when we were kids and this, ladies and gentlemen, is just that.


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