This Ford Focus RS Has 900 HP Running Through The Front Wheels!

Funneling extraordinary amounts of power through the front wheels of a car is a tricky business, so it’s no surprise that most car manufacturers shy away from it in their performance models, preferring to send power to the rear or all four wheels instead.

The owner of this Mk2-generation Ford Focus RS could have similarly decided to convert the hot hatch to front-wheel drive before embarking on a series of comprehensive powertrain modifications. However, he didn’t, and what we’re left with is a hot hatch that pumps out a scarcely believable 900 HP through the front wheels alone.

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Officially Gassed recently had the opportunity to speak with the owner of the car before taking it out for a spin – and it is well worth a watch.

Creating a Focus RS with 900 HP took a lot of work and even necessitated the use of a screamer pipe which exits straight out of the engine bay. Sending such absurd amounts of power through the front wheels would ordinarily result in a car that devours its tires at even the slightest touch of the throttle.

In order to mitigate this, the RS features a Syvecs Powertrain Control ECU that has allowed the owner of the RS to fine-tune the engine mapping settings while also enabling a boost-by-gear function to limit the power in the first gears. The result is a highly-tuned super hatch that appears to put its power to the road quite well, meaning its extraordinary performance can be enjoyed with minimal wheel spin.


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