This Guy’s Grandad Once Had A Ferrari 250 GTO But Sold It For… $70k!

The Ferrari 250 GTO is the most valuable production car on earth and, recently, one traded hands privately for a remarkable $70 million.

However, the 250 GTO wasn’t always so expensive – quite the contrary…

In a video published by Vin Wiki, a man by the name of John Temerian details how his grandfather once owned a 250 GTO, chassis 3467GT to be precise. The story is very interesting and reveals that if his grandfather could have predicted the future, he may have held on to the Ferrari and made tens of millions of dollars.

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According to Temerian, his grandfather purchased the rare right-hand drive 250 GTO driven by John Surtees in 1968 for approximately $6800. Despite owning a 250 GTO with a hugely successful racing history, he was never truly won over by it and would even compare its front grille to cheap chicken wire.

Encouraged by his son, Temerian’s father, to sell the car, that’s exactly what he did. The car was allegedly sold for approximately $9,500 (nearly $70k in today’s money, adjusted for inflation) to well-known Ferrari collector Robert Sowers and the money made from the sale were used to buy his 16-year-old son a Lamborghini Miura for his birthday.

What’s surprising is that while Temerian’s grandfather was annoyed at the opportunity he missed to make millions, his dad isn’t too concerned as, for him, owning a vehicle which speaks to him like the Miura is worth more than the any price figure you could put on a car. Talk about a true petrolhead, huh?


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