This Is (Part Of) The Glickenhaus Le Mans Hypercar Racer

Scuderia James Glickenhaus has posted a teaser image of a new mid-engined racing car it is currently developing for endurance racing.

No specifics were disclosed, but the description describes it as the ‘Glickenhaus LMP1.’ It is no secret that the small car manufacturer and racing outfit has committed to racing in the World Endurance Championship’s upcoming ‘Hypercar’ class but the company has previously said it will race its upcoming 007 in the championship. So, what exactly are we looking at?

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A look through the comments reveal that Glickenhaus has liked numerous comments discussing the similarity between the car pictured and the Alfa Romeo BAT cars designed by Bertone back in the 1950s that sported fins rising up above the rear wheel arches. Other aspects of the car which catch the eye include a huge rear diffuser, an F1-inspired central rain light, two tailpipes, a pair of round taillights and gold wheels with Michelin rubber.

Alfa Romeo BAT pictured

An additional comment from Glicknehaus on their Facebook post describes the car presented as the car which they will enter in the Hypercar racing category, but doesn’t specify if this is the racer itself of the street-legal car that will also need to be built to meet homologation requirements. The lack of a large rear wing like Aston Martin’s and Toyota’s hypercar racers has certainly piqued our interest and has us wondering how Glickenhaus will look to produce the levels of downforce needed to compete with its rivals.

Glicknehaus says the car presented will feature a 650 HP engine powering the rear wheels and a 150 hp KERS unit sending additional power to the front axle.

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