This Is What A Bugatti Divo Prototype Start Up Sounds Like

A prototype of the remarkable Bugatti Divo has been filmed up close while in a parking lot in Lutjensee, Germany.

Bugatti published photos of it testing out the Divo in the middle of April. That prototype was painted in a shade of matte black and the exterior finish of the car in this video suggests that it may be the same test car. One key difference are the silver wheels used by this model and the two-tone black and silver wheels of the first prototype.

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The question of whether or not this is the same Divo prototype fades into insignificance when you hear the car start up in the video. As the Bugatti engineer behind the wheel fires the exotic up, it delivers a throaty and intoxicating burble from the 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine. If anything, the Divo is certainly shaping up to produce the most intoxicating exhaust note of any modern-day Bugatti.

As mentioned, the Divo features the automaker’s familiar W16, first used by the Bugatti Veyron where it delivered 987 hp. A plethora of significant alterations see power jump to 1479 hp for use in the Chiron and perhaps to the surprise of some, the Divo churns out the same amount of power as the Chiron. However, a series of weight-saving measures do mean the Divo is 77 lbs (35 kg) lighter than its counterpart.

The engine may be largely the same but the exterior of the Divo is radically different than the Chiron. All the body panels have been replaced with more aggressive parts, including an overhauled front fascia with new air intakes, a distinctive hood, and custom headlights.

Bugatti will only build 40 units of the Divo.



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