This Is What Fooling Around In Edd China’s Driveable Sofa Feels Like

This is a sofa built by former Wheeler Dealers host Edd China and yes, it is road legal. Somehow.

Car Throttle recently had the opportunity to spend a day with China and his driveable sofa on the streets of the UK. To say this ‘vehicle’ was unusual would be a huge understatement.

China holds numerous Guinness World Records for strange vehicles, including the fastest bed, milk float, shed, and toilet. His sofa once hit 87 mph (140 km/h) and has since been modified into something that can be driven on the road. To see how the vehicle sofa performs in various everyday driving situations, the reviewer put it through a series of tests.

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For starters, the weird contraption was driven at slow speeds through a number of British towns before it was taken to a McDonald’s drive-thru. Its motorway credentials were then put to the test with a 70 mph (112 km/h) blast down the open road. Watching a sofa cruise along the motorway with a leopard print must have left lots of fellow motorists speechless…

One concern is how safe you really are in that thing. And, obviously, the answer is “you’re not”. Clearly. We’d hate to think what would happen if (Heaven forbid) it were involved in some kind of accident. Color us boring, but we think that wearing helmets and body protection, like bikers do, instead of mere goggles, wouldn’t be such a bad idea.


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