This Modern-Day Successor To The Porsche 911 GT1 Is Stunning

A designer by the name of Emre Husmen has rendered what a modern-day Porsche 911 GT1 could look like and actually wants to make the car a reality.

Porsche famously built the 911 GT1 for endurance racing and homologated 25 road-going examples dubbed the Strassenversion. Those cars made the current Porsche 911 GT2 RS look a little pedestrian and the new 911 GT1 from Husmen does the same.

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The most obvious difference between Husmen’s car and the original 911 GT1 is that this new one doesn’t appear to be much longer than the regular 911. However, the car more than makes up for this with eye-popping bodywork which doesn’t just look the part but would likely increase downforce significantly over current 911 variants.

The front of the concept immediately catches your eye thanks to a bespoke bumper with enlarged air intakes and forged carbon fiber parts. The bonnet also feature carbon fiber NACA ducts. Move to the sides and you will notice bespoke side skirts and huge intakes to feed the flat-six engine, making the air ducts of the GT3 RS and GT2 RS look tiny. Found at the rear is a forged carbon fiber diffuser and a massive rear wing. The car also includes a carbon roof scoop.

Husmen dreams of his 911 GT1 pumping out a total of 1000 hp from its electrified hybrid powertrain and says that he is on the hunt for investors and business partners to make a road-going 911 that actually looks like this.

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Images courtesy of Emre Husmen

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