This Rugged VW Amarok Can Teach A Raptor A Thing Or Two

In a world of pickup trucks that includes the Ford Ranger Raptor and the F-150 Raptor, the VW Amarok appears more than a little tame.

Not this Amarok, though. This example has been tuned by a German company dubbed Delta 4×4 and, apart from a striking, two-tone wrap, includes a plethora of modifications which turn it into something that looks as if it can pull some truly monumental off-roading feats.

Delta 4×4’s upgraded Amarok stands out thanks to its bespoke suspension setup. The addition of a body lift kit and a set of revised springs and Bilstein shocks enable it to sit 100 mm (3.93-inches) higher than standard.

The added ground clearance has allowed the tuner to fit huge 35-inch Cooper tires over a set of 20-inch wheels. Delta 4×4 doesn’t sell its Amarok with 35-inch tires, however, and instead swaps them out for smaller 33-inch ones from Yokohama for its customers.

Complementing the new off-road wheels and tires are a pair of flared front and rear wheel arches, a modified front bumper with a small brush bar, and additional LED light bars. There are also a number of LED light bars on the roof which would add to the pickup truck’s rugged look.

As is typically the case with tuning packages of this kind, VW Amarok owners don’t have to order all the aforementioned parts, but can buy each one separately if they want to.

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