This Wild Mercedes-Benz Le Mans Concept Is Futuristic And Sleek

The world’s most famous endurance race, Le Mans, will soon be overhauled with the introduction of a road car-based hypercar class to replace LMP1. However, what will the top of endurance racing look like in the year 2040? This concept from a Behance designer provides us with an intriguing glimpse.

Dubbed the Mercedes Vision Mantilla Concept, the racer has been conceived to support an all-electric powertrain and has a body so sleek and aerodynamically efficient that it makes current endurance prototypes look like trucks.

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The entire car looks to be extraordinarily long and features a huge rear overhang and an elongated decklid. This would inevitably aid in aerodynamics and help the car achieve a phenomenal top speed. Both the McLaren Speedtail and the recent record-breaking Bugatti Chiron top speed prototype have shown how stretched rears can be used in the pursuit of high top speeds.

There is no visible driver cockpit leading us to believe that the concept could be fully-autonomous and free of a human operator. The questionable future of the Roborace championship has left us with many doubts about how driverless car racing can attract fans, but we’d certainly be tempted to tune in if the vehicles looked as sleek as the Vision Mantilla Concept.

The designer’s choice to finish the front of the car in silver while the rear half is painted in a deep shade of blue only adds to the car’s flair. It looks simply sensational.

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