TopCar’s Lamborghini Urus Is Not An Exercise In Restraint

The Urus is the most outlandish SUV currently on sale. With fighter jet-esque looks, it definitely has the edgy design fitting of a Lamborghini and is sure to get you notice any time, any place.

However, no vehicle, not even the Urus, is wild enough for some tuning companies – and TopCar was among the first to work on the Italian bruiser. We first saw the tuner’s take on the Urus towards the end of last year, and this new video provides us with an up-close look at the modifications.

This particular Urus is painted yellow and features custom parts at the front, rear, sides, and interior. Heck, even the underside of the hood is bespoke.

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Looking at the rear you will notice that TopCar has fitted a distinctive carbon fiber rear diffuser complete with yellow accents. Additionally, there are some carbon fiber touches just below the taillights, and at the top of the rear window you may notice a subtle carbon spoiler with two aggressive shark fins on either side.

As for the sides, they are perhaps even more eye-popping than the rear. TopCar started out by fitting a set of aftermarket wheels and then complimented them by a set of carbon fiber fender extensions. There is also a carbon fiber component on the front three-quarter panel to remind you that you’re not driving a “regular” Urus.

Finally, the tuned Lambo super-SUV sports a carbon fiber hood, carbon intake surrounds, and a new splitter.


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