Toyota Supra Vs. BMW Z4 M40i Comparison Tries To Settle The Discussion For Good

Leaving aside discussions or rather, criticism about the Toyota Supra being nothing more than a retuned, rebadged and repackaged BMW Z4, the Japanese coupe has proven to be quite a revelation in reviews — including our own.

But what is the Supra like to drive when compared with its platform sibling, the BMW Z4? The guys from Throttle House wanted to find out and reviewed the two sports cars in detail to see which is the one to have.

Obviously, they did not choose any Z4 for the job and went for the range-topping M40i version which uses the same 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six as the Supra. Despite the difference in power (the North American-market BMW has 47 horsepower more than the Toyota), the cars feel equally agile and fast. Actually, the Supra beat the Z4 in the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) tests, albeit by a tiny margin.

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The Toyota also has the edge over the BMW when it comes to driver engagement: the exhaust sound is more exciting and loud, and the added stiffness of the coupe body style makes it a bit more agile and lively in corners. The BMW Z4 M40i is more of grand tourer type of vehicle and it does that really well for a roadster. It also has a better, more modern interior — and less claustrophobic too, even with the roof up.

Unfortunately, the video does not feature the two sports car on the track but driving them on public roads was enough for the reviewers to reach an unanimous conclusion. Head over to the video to find out which car is the winner.


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