Trump Vanity Plate Rejected By Swedish Authorities Who Deemed It “Offensive”

President Trump has made a number of controversial statements about immigrants, woman and people of color. This has earned him a lot of enemies, including one at a rather unusual location – the Swedish Transport Agency.

According to the Associated Press, Marcus Saaf applied for a “TRUMP” vanity plate for his American-made car. However, he was rejected because the agency deemed it “offensive.”

Aftonbladet reported the news over the weekend and wrote that Saaf was drunk and thought it would be funny to apply for the Trump vanity plate. News of the rejection quickly spread and the AP reached out to the Swedish Transport Agency to confirm the story was indeed true.

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The government agency confirmed the plate was rejected, but softened their tone this time around. Instead of saying the Trump name was offensive, a spokesperson told the AP that it doesn’t allow plates that reference politics. The publication also says Saaf was told he couldn’t appeal the ruling.

Given that Saaf came up with the idea on a whim while drinking, he doesn’t seem too upset about the ruling. As he told Aftonbladet, “Now, in retrospect, I understand” that the plate could be perceived as offensive. He went on to say, he’ll just keep his current plate.

While it’s not unusual for governments to deny vulgar or offensive license plates, originally calling the Trump name offensive certainly raised a number of eyebrows.

License plate image is a Carscoops photoshop

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