Uber Driver Gets Mistaken For Getaway Driver, Gets Arrested, Then Released

An Uber driver in Albuquerque, New Mexico was arrested at his home back in February because police suspected he was the getaway driver for an armed thief.

KOAT Action News reports τηατ, on February 12, Uber driver Terry Owens picked up a rider by the name of Austen Harris.

Owens drove Harris around town and made a stop at a gas station in northwest Albuquerque. Owens told KOAT Action News that he couldn’t see what Harris was doing in but noticed that he returned to the car with a pair of scissors in his hand. He later found out Harris had actually just robbed the gas station.

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“I asked him if he had taken anything in there. He’s acting kind of weird and holding a pair of scissors. He says, ‘No, I’m just using this pair of scissors to cut strings off my jacket,’” Owens said.

Approximately an hour after dropping Harris off, Owens was arrested by the police outside his home, completely unaware about what he had done wrong. Authorities informed him of what Harris had done, but after it was established that Owens was an unknowing Uber driver and not an accomplice, he was released.

Local authorities arrested Harris shortly after and, according to the criminal complaint, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to drug rehabilitation.

Evidently, it’s not just Uber passengers who should be wary of their drivers – this “knife” cuts both ways…

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