Unlike The New Z4, The 2020 Supra Offers Apple CarPlay – But There’s A Catch

Toyota has confirmed that buyers of the 2020 Supra will receive four years of Apple CarPlay functionality for free.

Now, one might wonder why that is so important; after all, many car manufacturers, including Toyota, offer Apple CarPlay for free to their customers. However, BMW charges its customers $80 a year for CarPlay support and because the Supra shares its infotainment with the BMW Z4, there was a chance the Japanese automaker would also make its customers pay for the service.

“I followed up on this and was told that Toyota is offering Apple CarPlay compatibility to Supra customers for a 4-year trial period,” company spokesperson Nancy Hubbell told Motor1. “Specifics regarding future subscription fees will be available at a later date.”

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It remains to be seen what will happen after this 4-year trial period but it is certainly possible Toyota will start charging customers to use Apple CarPlay perhaps at the same $80-per-year rate as BMW.

Here’s the thing, though (and the “catch” in the title): the entry-level Supra with its 6.5-inch touchscreen display doesn’t support CarPlay – it is only available on the Supra Premium and Launch Edition models equipped with the larger 8.8-inch screen.

Sales of the 2020 Toyota GR Supra started a few days ago in the United States and, already, dealerships are asking exorbitant amounts for the sports car. Pricing for the first 1500 Launch Edition models coming to the U.S. start at $55,250 excluding a delivery, processing, and handling fee of $930, but we’ve already found one dealer asking $86,361 for one.

Once all 1500 units of the Supra Launch Edition are sold, Toyota will start offering the entry-level Supra 3.0 to customers from $49,990 and the 3.0 Premium at $53,990.

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