Used 2016 GranTurismo MC Is A Maserati Worth Buying

If you’d like to own a modern luxury GT with excellent performance and clever onboard tech, then you’ll probably want to stay away from any Maserati GranTurismo model, regardless of how new it is.

However, if you just want a comfortable, loud and fun-to-drive exotic at a good price and don’t mind buying used, the GT suddenly starts making sense, especially if you go for a low-mileage MC model, according to Doug DeMuro.

The car he reviewed here is a three year old MC and it comes with a naturally aspirated 4.7-liter V8 engine, good for 454 HP (460 PS) and 383 lb-ft (520 Nm) of torque. While performance isn’t astonishing by today’s standards, the car is still plenty quick and the exhaust note is delightfully loud – one of the best in the industry, said the reviewer.

Still, what he enjoyed most about the MC was the handling, saying that it was “very quick, very spry, very enjoyable to send around corners,” despite its long body. It also presented little body roll, sharp steering and excellent acceleration, even though it’s not on the same level as a Mercedes-AMG GT.

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In a straight line, the Maserati GT MC needs 4.7 seconds to get from zero to 62 mph (60 mph), before maxing out at 187 mph (301 km/h). These numbers would have been pretty great if this was 2009, but for 2019, they’re not quite what you’d be getting in say a Porsche 911, or something like the previously-mentioned AMG GT.

In the end, the GranTurismo makes for a solid purchase as long as you don’t buy a brand new one. Thankfully, they tend to depreciate rather quickly.


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