Vibrant “Kermit” LaFerrari Up For Sale – Can You Guess Its Owner?

For a hypercar made in only 499 units, it’s not hard to find a LaFerrari in pristine condition at, more or less, any given time. Most of those were bought as money-makers in the first place, set to be flipped for a healthy profit, whereas a few owners have simply gotten bored with their rides, or just want to make room in their star-studded garage for something else.

Given its owner, this LaFerrari probably falls in the latter category. Advertised by JoeMacari in the UK, it was manufactured in 2014, has 1,900 miles (3,058 km) on the clock and is finished in a striking green paint.

Still can’t tell the owner even after thinking about that famous Kermit Green LaFerrari that used to be filmed in different parts of Britain by car spotters a few years ago?

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Okay, enough with riddles: the man in question is Jay Kay, Jamiroquai’s lead singer and avid car collector. He has held on to it for the past five years and, apart from the striking paint job, it’s got an anti-stone chipping film to protect it when out for a ride.

By checking out the pictures in detail, it’s quite obvious that the 49-year old has taken great care of it. Everything looks great, from the exterior to the green-accented cabin and engine bay that hosts that magnificent 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 that’s backed up by an electric motor, with the hybrid powertrain delivering an amazing 950 horsepower.

The asking price hasn’t been revealed, but you don’t have to be a car expert to know that this is a multi-million dollar affair. It also looks minty fresh, has a low mileage and a celeb first owner, so it will probably go for more than the average LaFerrari – although that term is, of course, used loosely…

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