Volvo Invests In Israeli Company That Sends Crash Data To Emergency Responders Right After Accident

Volvo has announced an investment in Israeli company MDGo which has created technology that sends doctors crash information mere seconds after an accident has occurred.

The technology startup’s system gathers data from a vehicle and measures the forces applied to occupants and vehicles and infers the nature and severity of likely injuries. This information is sent to first responders in just seven seconds and aims to provide better treatment to crash victims.

Auto News reports that the venture-capital arm of the Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, is responsible for this latest investment. While the investment amount hasn’t been announced, it does come just a few weeks after Hyundai announced that it will work with MDGo to bring the company’s intelligent injury analysis system to its future vehicles.

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“The key part is getting the data out of the OEMs for us, and that’s where this investment is validation for us,” vice president of business development at MDGo Shahar Samoelov said. “We’re trying to bring a new way of looking at what data in the vehicle can bring. It’s beyond one niche OEM. It’s something that can service the whole industry.”

MDGo’s system measures crash forces thanks to the three-axis accelerometers included in all car ABS systems used since 2001. The company can also gather information about seat occupancy, seat-belt use, and airbag deployments from various vehicle systems. MDGo also says its system will provide crash data to insurance companies in a bid to reduce claims processing and potential fraud cases.

“In a car crash, two different verticals — medical and insurance — suffer from the same problem,” doctor and MDGo co-founder Itay Bengad said. “Both don’t know what happened and are dependent on a subjective report. So our job is to allow this vehicle to provide all the data needed to speak my language, a physician’s language.”

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