VW Axes Golf R In The U.S., Get One Now Or Wait A Couple Of Years

Volkswagen of America recently announced changes to its 2020 lineup, and one model was notably absent: the Golf R.

The company did say that the regular Golf would be reduced to a single Value Edition trim and the GTI would continue to be available in S and SE trims. Motor Authority contacted VW and asked about the Golf R.

The automaker confirmed that the current-generation AWD hot hatch has reached the end of production (for the U.S., at least) and will not be available for the 2020 model year. If you’re in the market for a new Golf R, though, you can still get a 2019 model – or wait until the next generation arrives on U.S. shores.

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That may take a couple of years, however, considering that the regular VW Golf Mk8 has not been officially revealed yet and the Golf R is usually the last variant to debut when an all-new generation arrives.

Add to that the fact that VW traditionally brings new models from Europe with a significant delay, and we may be looking at a 2022 model year Golf R for the United States. Rest assured, VW has confirmed the Mk8-based Golf R is coming to the U.S. – the only problem is the automaker cannot (or will not) provide a timeframe.

While the regular Golf Mk8 may not be sold in the U.S. at all, the eighth-generation Golf GTI is expected to arrive Stateside as a 2021 model, which means there’s a possibility the R could debut for the 2022 model year. That’s a long time to wait for the all-new AWD hot hatch but hey, at least the United States will get it.

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