VW Launches Three New Wallbox Home Chargers Priced From €399

Following the grand reveal of the ID.3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, VW is introducing their new range of wallbox home chargers that will be available TO order from the end of November.

The new range of ID. Chargers includes three versions, all of which offer a charging capacity of up to 11 kW. This is almost five times faster than a domestic plug and capable of topping up the ID.3 with the 58kWh battery pack in around six hours.

The differences between the three are focused on the digital functions they offer. The base ID. Charger is priced at €399 ($439 in current exchange rates) and comes with a fixed Type 2 cable, a modern design in line with the ID.3, and an integrated DC fault current protection.

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Next up is the ID. Charger Connect, priced at €599 ($659). The mid-range version is capable of connecting with the home network and a smartphone over WLAN or LAN and, optionally, over LTE. These features allow the owner to keep an eye on use and charging operations, as well as perform remote maintenance and regular software updates.

The top model is the ID. Charger Pro, which features an integrated electric meter for precise billing on top of the digital functions, as well as a standard LTE module. The electric meter is very convenient, especially for company car drivers and their employers. The LTE data costs over the lifetime of the charger are included in the price, which is set at €849 ($935 in current exchange rates).

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