Watch A 1025 HP Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roam The Autobahn

Modified SLS AMGs aren’t overly common, and after watching this video, you may be left wondering just why that is.

This is the work of tuning company Elmerhaus, who outfitted the supercar’s 6.2-liter V8 engine with a massive supercharger. Typically, the SLS pumps out 563 hp but the addition of forced induction means this one has 1025 HP. That’s a serious figure, and one we’re not used to seeing in cars with the Three-Pointed Star.

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To see what such a powerful SLS AMG is capable of, AutoTopNL headed out onto the Autobahn in this German monster. At the slightest touch of the throttle, it launches forward with seriously impressive speed and has an intoxicating soundtrack to complement the insane straight-line performance. It also gurgles and pops on the overrun and sounds exactly as a V8 should. One interesting thing you may notice while watching the video is that the supercharger is barely audible and, surprisingly, there’s no apparent supercharger whine.

The driver was able to clock 318 km/h (197 mph) when presented with an empty piece of road. Knocking on the door of 200 mph is an impressive feat but there’s no doubt that this SLS AMG has a lot more speed up its sleeve, if only the road conditions allowed it to be taken to its limits.


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