Watch Jay Kay’s Ferrari GTC4Lusso Being Painted Purple

In our field of work, Jamiroquai’s lead singer Jay Kay is better known for something else than his music: his passion for cars. Over the years, he has added countless of rare and expensive vehicles in his collection, some of which were customized, like the Kermit Green Ferrari LaFerrari.

The musician tends to leave his mark on some of his high-end rides, so what do you think he did to a grey GTC4Lusso? If you paid attention to the title, then you already know the answer. But we’ll spare you from the trouble of scrolling up by telling you that he had it finished in purple.

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Normally, these things are done by applying several vinyl wraps to the car. However, Jay Kay wanted something a bit more special, so he went for a full respray, turning to London-based Topaz for the work. The company disassembled the exterior and interior trim, before prepping the car for the color-changing process. The shade is known as Rolls-Royce Purple Silk, and it would have apparently cost Jay Kay a few tens of thousands of dollars if it was done by Ferrari.

The finished work is head-turning, especially with the golden wheels, and this is hard to deny, regardless if you’re into such colors. Furthermore, the people responsible for making this Ferrari more colorful truly outdid themselves, as each and every crease was repainted, so no matter where you look, you won’t be able to tell that this isn’t the original color.


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