Watch Red Bull Racing Perform A Pitstop In 1.91 Seconds

Red Bull Racing may be lagging behind Mercedes in Formula 1 but the team continues to have one of the best pit crews in the paddock.

During the British Grand Prix over the weekend, Red Bull Racing called in driver Pierre Gasly for a fresh set of tyres at all four corners. Just 1.91 seconds after pulling into his pit box, the French racer was driving away with a fresh set of rubber in a new world record pit stop time.

The previous record was just 0.01 seconds slower and previously held by both Red Bull Racing and Williams.

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The racing outfit’s blisteringly fast pit stop with Gasly wasn’t just a fluke during the race. The team also changed the tires on Max Verstappen’s car in 1.96 seconds, giving the team a total of 43 points in the ongoing race for the F1 DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award. Red Bull Racing is currently leading Williams by 78 points in the race for the award.

Footage of the pit stop is breathtaking. The mechanics with the wheel guns start to spin off the wheels before the car has even come to a complete stop and been lifted off the pavement. A separate mechanic then poetically slides a new wheel onto the hub as the man with the wheel gun quickly tightens it up and the car is dropped down and given the green light to drive away.

In a sport where a fast pit stop can easily allow teams to make up positions, having skilled pit crews are a crucial part of a team’s success.

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