We Can’t Wait For Someone To Build A C8 Corvette 4×4

If a recent report is to be believed, Chevrolet will use the hype surrounding the new C8 Corvette to turn the Corvette nameplate into standalone brand that will expand in sedan and SUV/crossover segments.

The logic goes that high-performance Corvette sedan and SUV models would be able to penetrate a market that’s dominated (mainly) by higher-end German brands. Now, creating an independent Corvette-branded crossover is one thing, but turning a C8 Corvette into an off-road-themed edition combining the styling of the standard model with (theoretically) more versatile abilities, is another.

Nevertheless, the following creation from the mind of X-Tomi Design is actually similar in philosophy to the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato concept. That off-roader takes a typical Huracan and adorns it with a number of beefed-up parts to ensure it can tackle difficult terrain without breaking a sweat. The 2020 Corvette Stingray pictured is very similar.

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Most significantly, the Corvette rendered here includes black body cladding on the wheel arches and side skirts. Additionally, the ride height has been increased and a set of roof racks have been installed to support a large luggage container. We think the off-road Corvette could be made to look even more impressive if it featured a set of rally-inspired lights on the front end as well as a set of wheels and tires more fitting for off-roading.

If Chevrolet does spin-off Corvette as a separate brand, it would not happen without causing a significant amount of controversy. Would you be happy to see the Corvette sold in various body styles or would you rather it stay exactly the way it is?


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