We Seriously Hope The 2020 BMW M3 Will Not Look Like This

An all-new generation BMW M3 is going to be unveiled later this year, with all signs pointing to a public debut no later than September, at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Aside from performance, the biggest question regarding the upcoming M3 is ‘what will it look like?’. For starters, we know to expect the usual flared bodywork, as well as more aggressive-looking bumpers and side skirts, four tailpipes at the rear and bigger wheels. But what about a larger kidney grille design?

Recent spy images indicate that the revised 7-Series may not be the only four-door BMW model to receive a considerably larger grille than before.The same photographs of the M3 prototype also hint at the use of horizontal instead of vertical slots, but again, we’re not sold on this either – at least not yet without further proof.

While a much larger iteration of BMW’s kidney grilles with or without the horizontal slots could be part of the M3’s design package, it’s also not at all uncommon for engineers to employ trick camo to throw us off on a future model’s appearance.

What does this mean?

Simply put, this render from Kolesa could be wrong altogether, partially right or spot on in displaying the new ginormous grille with vertical slits instead of horizontal ones.

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As of right now, we just can’t say for sure if the 2020 M3 will feature such a large grille design. But let’s just hope that BMW isn’t interested in turning their iconic kidney grille into a dual-split version of Audi‘s singleframe grille as far as the M3 is concerned, although the latest 7-Series is nearly there already.

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