We Think This Light Brown Ferrari GTC4Lusso Looks Fab – What Say You?

This Ferrari GTC4Lusso currently up for sale in the Netherlands is painted in a shade dubbed Marrone Metallic. Fancy names aside, this is a light shade of brown that’s far from common.

And there’s a reason for that: brown is probably the most unpopular car paint job right now. If you were to step outside for 10 minutes, wherever you are in the world, we’re willing to bet you won’t see a single brown car. Nevertheless, this GTC4Lusso is painted in brown but, somehow, it suits it fine.

Apart from the paint, the first thing to note about this particular GTC4Lusso is that it is a 70th Anniversary Edition model. Back in 2016, the Italian car manufacturer announced 350 unique cars with distinctive finishes from its Tailor Made program. This GTC4Lusso was inspired by the 1953 250 Europa Vignale Coupe, hence why it is painted in Marrone Metallic. So, apart from not being red like, oh, nine out of 10 Ferraris out there, it has a connection to Maranello’s history.

The company tasked with selling the car is Auto Leitner and, since being delivered, the four-seat grand tourer has only been driven for a mere 100 km (62 miles). That means its naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12, which puts down 681 hp via Ferrari’s advanced all-wheel drive system, is still being worn in.

As with many other Ferrari models created through the Tailor Made program, the car is fitted with a plethora of optional extras. These include an Alcantara trunk lining, Scuderia Shields on the front quarter panels (yep, there’s optional on all Ferraris), the Prancing Horse stitched on the headrests, a yellow tachometer, and 20-inch alloy wheels.

The figure for all this brown goodness? A cool 375,000 euros ($419,000). You didn’t expect a barely driven V12 Ferrari to come cheap, did you?

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