What Do You Think Of This Pink Lamborghini Aventador SVJ?

If you had the opportunity to spec out your dream Aventador SVJ, which color would you go for? Perhaps Verde Ithaca, one of Lamborghini’s most famous shades of green, or matte black for some ‘Batmobile’ vibes?

Evidently, the owner of this Aventador SVJ thought those options were a bit too tame and decided to have their supercar in pink.

The car is believed to have been recently delivered in Europe and this is not an aftermarket wrap, but a factory color called Rosso Porphyrios straight from Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program.

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Images indicate that, under different lights, it changes hues. At its most saturated, the paint is a bright shade of hot pink but in other photos, it appears more restrained and even has hues of purple.

Complementing the pink paint are a number of gold accents, including the wheels, side skirts and the ‘J’ in the SVJ logos on the two rear quarter panels. Like all other SVJs we’ve seen, this one also includes a host of matte carbon fiber components, including the rear wing, side air vents, and front splitter.

We don’t have pricing details for the Rosso Porphyrios paint, but since its a custom job, you can bet it’ll cost a pretty penny. However, if you’re paying more than half a million dollars to create your dream Aventador, you can probably afford to splash out a few extra bucks to get it exactly as you like.

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