What If, After IndyCar, McLaren Decided To Race In NASCAR As Well?

McLaren has already announced its return to full-time IndyCar racing beginning with next year, in partnership with both Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and Chevrolet.

Speaking of the latter, since McLaren will field two Chevy-powered cars in IndyCar, here’s an interesting thought: what if it did the same with the most popular kind of motorsports in the States?

We’re talking NASCAR, of course, and even though it’s not going to happen, that doesn’t stop renders such as this one from popping up.

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The car you’re looking at was drawn up by Lewis Bloomfield and as you can see, is wearing all the right colors.As a matter of fact, despite McLaren being a staple of Formula 1 it’s the U.S. that made it adopt its current paint scheme since, in 2017, it was fans who insisted they paint their F1 cars similarly to what they were doing in IndyCar.

“We are starting to look at car designs now,” said McLaren’s Zak Brown before the actual launch of the Renault-powered MCL33 F1 car. “I think the fans want us to go to Papaya Orange for sure. When we did the IndyCar we had an overwhelming amount of ‘Please make your F1 car like that’.”

The full Papaya Orange and Blue color scheme was actually introduced some 50 years ago by Bruce McLaren himself, so it is rooted in the outfit’s racing heritage. But what about the concept itself – would a McLaren-backed NASCAR entry make any sense or would it be a step too far?

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