Which Family Cars Are the Best Values? Toyota, Honda Win 2019 IntelliChoice Awards

Whether it’s a subcompact or minivan, many cars are made to transport families around town. But with so many options, how do you know which car offers the best bang for your buck? After analyzing the data, our partners at IntelliChoice have made the following recommendations on family cars.

IntelliChoice analyses five-year ownership costs, taking into consideration depreciation, maintenance, repairs, state fees, financing, fuel, and insurance. The vehicles with the lowest cost of ownership when compared to the other vehicles in its segment are ranked the highest. With that in mind, here are the best family-car values you can find in today’s market.

Honda Fit—Best Overall Value Compact Passenger Car

The Honda Fit hatchback is a MotorTrend favorite. Currently in its third generation, the latest Fit arrived back in 2014. Last year, the Fit got refreshed , and Honda added a new Sport trim. The Fit’s five-year ownership cost is $26,780, and it also stood out for having a 56.33 percent retained value. In second place is the Toyota Yaris Sedan, with a retained value of 50.97 percent and a five-year ownership cost of $26,344. The Hyundai Ioniq hybrid landed in third place with a 43.91 retained value and a five-year ownership cost of $32,547.

Last time we drove the Fit, we said it “demonstrates that you don’t need lots of horsepower to have fun on the road.”

Toyota Camry Hybrid—Best Overall Value Passenger Car

The Toyota Camry hybrid is more potent than the four-cylinder model, and with 208 hp, the Camry Hybrid was rated the Best Overall Value Passenger Car by IntelliChoice. The Camry has a 45.84 percent retained value and has a five-year ownership cost of $35,738. According to IntelliChoice, it should cost about $7,224 to operate over five years. Just behind the Camry Hybrid comes another hybrid from Toyota—the Prius. With a five-year ownership cost of $34,343, it has a 45.72 percent retained value. The Subaru Legacy 2.5i comes in third place with a five-year ownership cost of $33,515. Although it has a lower cost of ownership than the Camry Hybrid, the Legacy 2.5i has higher operating costs, which places it solidly in third place.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid—Best Overall Value Premium Passenger Car

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