Who Needs Retro Liveries? Porsche 935’s Carbon Body Looks Rad In The Raw

Porsche has, so far, showcased the 935 Clubsport in several custom liveries, but we haven’t got the chance to see it with no paint on it whatsoever. Until now, that is.

Why would anyone want that, you ask? Well, it’s because of the way the 935 Clubsport is built, with the steel and aluminum body of the 911 GT2 RS on which the 935 is based having been replaced and supplemented by carbon-fiber composite parts (CFRP).

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Everyone knows that CFRP looks better than steel and aluminum, and the 935 Clubsport is solid proof. The automaker posted several photos on its Facebook page that show how raw and mean the 935 looks without the vintage Martini livery.

Obviously, the carbon-fiber reinforced polymer does more than just make Porsche’s latest supercar look cool; it also contributes to improved stability and keeps weight to 1,380 kg (3,042 lbs). Factor in the twin-turbo 3.8-liter flat-six that produces 690 HP (700 PS), and you can begin to imagine how it must feel to be behind the wheel of this monster.

The fortunate few who can afford to splash €701,948 (around $800,000) on a 935 Clubsport should know that they won’t be able to drive it on public roads, just race tracks. Nor will they be able to participate in a series , as it has not been homologated for any.

Porsche Motorsport will only build 77 units of the new 935, with the first deliveries expected to begin this summer.

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