Woman Running In Dallas Interstate Triggers Pickup Crash

A woman running across Interstate 30 in Dallas caused a crash between a pair of pickup trucks and, had things gone a little differently, could have easily been seriously injured – or worse…

Dashcam footage of the incident shows a woman, appearing to have grey hair and a blue top on, run in front of traffic in the interstate. Motorists are forced to slam on their brakes, but for one pickup truck running in the left lane, there wasn’t enough time to brake and read-ended another pickup.

Despite causing the crash, the lady doesn’t seem to notice how close she came to being hit herself. Instead, she can be seen scurrying over the concrete dividers in the middle of the Interstate but quickly disappears out of sight for roughly 20 seconds.

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It initially looks as though the woman immediately ran across the opposite side of the Interstate, but as the cammer passes the scene of the two damaged pickups, she shows up again, probably having been hidden by the barriers.

As if seeing a random woman running across the interstate wasn’t strange enough, a Dodge Charger police cruiser can be seen passing the scene at the 31-second mark – without stopping to see if everyone was okay. The police officer behind the wheel was probably unaware that a woman running across the road had triggered the crash, but still, one would have expected them to pull over in order to assess the scene and find out the circumstances under which the incident occurred.


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