Would This Widebody Porsche 911 Be A Fitting Ride In “Bad Boys For Life”?

Non-GT Motorsport Porsche 911s are, relatively, common and mostly go unnoticed. The following 911 Carrera rendered by Den Dizil is a little bit different.

After the announcement that Bad Boys for Life is in the works, picking up on from the popular Bad Boy and Bad Boy II movies from 1995 and 2003 respectively, Dizil decided to imagine a 911 which would be fit for a starring role in the film. We imagine both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence would look right at home behind the wheel of this eye-catching Porsche. After all, he drove a 964 in the first installment (even though he ditched in in favor of a Ferrari 575 in the second).

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Making the car immediately stand out from any 911 you’ll find leaving the car manufacturer’s factory is a widebody kit with flared front and rear wheel arches, which are filled with ultra-wide rims.

Further modifications have been made at the front. There are a handful of red accents, new air intakes and a different bumper design. The most comprehensive changes have been made at the rear, though, where a large wing is featured alongside a large air intake on the decklid to feed the flat-six engine with cool air. Further alterations include a different bumper and diffuser design as well as the inclusion of a centrally-mounted twin-tailpipe design.

Purists may scoff at it, but the heaps of crazy bodykits available from aftermarket companies shows that there is demand for them, so if anyone decides to bring this kit into the real world, we imagine some would be more than willing to pay for it.


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