Yes, Another Florida Man Makes The News After Cop Chase Leads To Brutal Rollover

After stealing a 2007 Ford pickup truck and leading authorities on a high-speed chase across three Florida counties, 22-year old Travis Duane Lovett was finally apprehended using tactical driving techniques.

The Florida man actually attempted to run over two Citrus County Sheriff’s deputies after they tried pulling him over around 9:30 AM this past Sunday.

He then proceeded to fire several shots at deputies, one of which struck a trooper’s front windshield. Apparently, Lovett fired the shots through the back window of the stolen truck, while speeding through Hernando County.

The chase ended in Sumter county where authorities were able to execute a PIT maneuver, causing the suspect’s pickup to roll several times. According to ABC WWSB, Lovett was ejected from the truck and airlifted to the hospital. Troopers also said that he wasn’t wearing a seat belt at the time.

Following his arrest, the 22-year old was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and aggravated fleeing and alluding. As far as we’re concerned, he should consider himself extremely fortunate for having survived being thrown out of the vehicle, as well as for the fact that authorities didn’t get the chance to fire back at him.

Thankfully no troopers were injured during the chase.

Also, this incident is very similar to what happened back in November in a northwest Atlanta residential area, when Georgia State Patrol caused a suspect’s car to flip over during a similar takedown maneuver. In that instance, the vehicle was also stolen, although no shots were fired.

Note: The following videos offer two different POVs



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