Yes, That’s An Opel Astra Pretending To Be An Audi R8

From the dark corners of the internet, we bring you one of the most hideous looking cars we ever came across: an Opel Astra G.

Found for sale on OLX in Romania, the ad describes it as being “unique”, with the owner stating that he invested a lot of money in it. Made in 2004 and with the odo indicating 101,000 km (62,758 miles), the compact sedan is said to be in a very good overall condition. As for the financial part, that would be €2,500 ($2,783), a tad more than some Astras made in the early 2000s usually go for.

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The automotive equivalent of cosplay features a custom body kit that tries to replicate the look of the Audi R8 and brings several new or modified components, from the bumpers, grille, side skirts and fenders, to the lighting units on both ends and quad tailpipes. According to the ad, it rides on 19-inch wheels, but they actually seem smaller than that. Everything has been painted red and contrasted by a few black accents.

While the low-res images make it hard to take a peek inside, the cabin is said to feature a similar color scheme, with red and black leather being found, apparently, on most touchable surfaces. The aftermarket upgrades add up to the otherwise very basic list of equipment that includes electric windows and parking sensors.

Power comes from the 1.8-liter, petrol engine, tuned to deliver 170 horsepower, matched to the five-speed manual gearbox, which is a far stretch from the 5.2-liter V10 making 611 hp in the latest R8 Performance.

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