Chris Pratt is abet from his honeymoon, all people! The Guardians of the Galaxy essential particular person posted a pic of his sunburn/naked ass on Instagram. That in and of itself will not be any longer news. Gwyneth Paltrow made a fun self-acutely conscious shaggy dog memoir that she had some “goop” to inspire alleviate Pratt’s nervousness. That’s fun, and manner that Paltrow almost completely does bear in mind being in motion photos with Pratt. It’s no longer a headline, despite the truth that. But Ethan Hawke commenting on talked about butt pic? Press-stoppingly necessary files. Below the photo of Pratt’s pasty tuchus, Hawke commented:

Now I do know what to send for a marriage show. Also, you don’t must work this exhausting to contain an excuse to negate their contain praises your tush! I believed it used to be sinful – my wife talked about, “I find it irresistible!” Hmmmm.

To recap, we now know these items to be upright: Chris Pratt didn’t sunbathe nude on his honeymoon, Gwyneth Paltrow potentially knows who Chris Pratt is, and Ethan Hawke is one thing of an insta-prude but he’s getting over it.

Ethan Hawke Has Some Opinions About Chris Pratt’s Butt