Mama June’s Former House Totally Gutted in New Photos – TMZ

Mama June’s Former House Totally Gutted in New Photos – TMZ

Mama June Total Gut Job in Former Home!!! New Pics of the Damage 8/31/2019 1:00 AM PT Mama June was living in such squalor before fleeing her house, it had to be totally gutted by the new owner … and we’ve got pics of the shocking conditions. Neighborhood sources tell us there’s been constant demolition…

Mama June
Whole Intestine Job in Extinct Dwelling!!!
Sleek Pics of the Fracture

8/31/2019 1:00 AM PT

Mama June became once dwelling in such squalor outdated to fleeing her dwelling, it wanted to be exclusively gutted by the brand new proprietor … and we rating pics of the surprising conditions.

Neighborhood sources uncover us there is been fixed demolition at June’s dwelling over the relaxation week to sure it out. That that you simply would have the ability to get out about from the pics … all the pieces from the kitchen to the lavatories and bedrooms has been torn apart. Some rooms are stripped all of the plot in which down to the drywall and subflooring.


Our sources issue a household with 4 kids is getting able to switch into the dwelling, and it became once so filthy they’ve made up our minds to rip it up and open all over.

TMZ broke the story … June and her boyfriend, Geno, currently left the Hampton, GA dwelling and rating plans to employ an RV and tour the country.

As a result, her daughter, Alana — aka Honey Boo Boo — is now dwelling with her spacious sister, Pumpkin.

Alana grew to change into 14 on Wednesday, on the different hand it doesn’t seem June became once fraction of the occasion. June’s household issued her an ultimatum remaining month, pick Geno or Alana. To this level, she’s sticking along with her BF.

As for her venerable dwelling — or no longer it’s gonna need rehab and TLC. No longer not like June, whereas you demand her fam.

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