The Villains Who Could Replace Thanos in the MCU – IGN

The Villains Who Could Replace Thanos in the MCU – IGN

Only a handful have what it takes. By Jesse Schedeen Warning: Full spoilers follow for Avengers: Endgame. There’s a reason Marvel has started referring to the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as “The Infinity Saga.” Each of these 22 films has played a part in advancing an overarching story about Earth’s Mightiest…

Highest a handful grasp what it takes.

Warning: Fats spoilers follow for Avengers: Endgame.

There’s a reason Marvel has started referring to the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as “The Infinity Saga.” Every of those 22 movies has played an ingredient in advancing an overarching memoir about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes banding together to stop Thanos from wreaking havoc on the universe. Even though Thanos himself excellent ever seemed in a handful of those movies, he used to be the catalyst that fueled the MCU for an total decade.

Now that Avengers: Endgame has arrived and introduced the Infinity Saga to a shut, we’ve to surprise what villains would possibly perhaps even presumably fill that void. What Marvel characters are twisted enough, formidable enough and spirited enough to shape the next decade of the MCU in the manner Thanos formed the first? Here are just a few distinguished candidates.



Onslaught is the closing fusion of mutant energy. This villain used to be created the day a disaster-troubled Charles Xavier vulnerable his powers to wipe Magneto’s recommendations. At that moment, the darkest aspects of Magneto’s persona transferred into Xavier’s recommendations, merging with Xavier’s fill darkish side and spawning a psychic demon of fabulous energy. By the time Onslaught took physical fabricate, it had superior exact into a being so great it took the combined would possibly perhaps even of the X-Men, Impossible Four and Avengers to stop it.

Onslaught no doubt has the ability to clutch on the a quantity of heroes of the MCU. And provided that the X-Men will at final be making their MCU debut in the years to come wait on, it appears to be like excellent becoming to physique the next decade of films spherical a mutant villain this time. The flicks will want a certain amount of setup and world-building to make Onslaught happen, nonetheless the comics already provide a blueprint. The Onslaught saga played out over the route of many months. Early on, the X-Men heard excellent hushed whispers of a new mutant possibility, one great enough to actually punch Juggernaut at some stage in the country. That buildup culminated in an story showdown between Marvel’s heroes and this apparently unstoppable foe.

We would hope to explore the MCU make some changes to this villain, alongside side giving Onslaught a extra outlined persona and deeper motivations than viewed in the comics. But the functionality for a distinguished Thanos successor is not any doubt there.

Physician Doom


Now we grasp now viewed two incarnations of Physician Doom in live-action (three must you depend Roger Corman’s unreleased Impossible Four film), and none of them carry out justice to the excellent villain in the Marvel Universe. How to make up for this Doom drought is to attain the character at the forefront of the MCU.

Doom will constantly be a Impossible Four villain before every little thing. His provocative combination of loathing and relish for the Richards household will constantly make certain great. On the different hand, Doom has a pretty valid video display document antagonizing varied Marvel heroes. Arguably his crowning fulfillment as a villain came in 2015’s Secret Wars. When the Marvel multiverse used to be obliterated, Doom created a realm identified as Battleworld and ruled over it as God Emperor. That is the thing about Doom. He would possibly perhaps even simply no longer be as inherently great as any individual relish Thanos, nonetheless his boundless ambition and thirst for glory grasp in most cases elevated him to alter into one among the strongest beings in existence. Esteem Thanos, Doom is a mighty villain whose excellent vulnerability is his profoundly damaged psyche.

We would relish to explore an adaptation of Secret Wars serve as the tip level for the next decade of Marvel movies. And with Spider-Man: A long way From Dwelling it sounds as if introducing the concept that of the multiverse, we are in a position to be one step closer to that memoir turning exact into a actuality on the tall display conceal.

The Kree


Many followers speculated the MCU would pivot to an adaptation of Secret Invasion after Endgame. That memoir hinges on the allege that many of Earth’s heroes and political figures were secretly replaced by Skrull impostors. This deception is aimed toward ushering in a huge Skrull invasion of Earth, even as the Avengers themselves are unnerved by the review of whether or not they might be able to belief their fill allies.

As great as we would relish to explore the MCU invent toward an adaptation of either Secret Invasion or The Kree-Skrull Battle, neither option appears to be like terribly possible given the events of Captain Marvel. That film established the Skrulls as the innocent victims of the Kree Empire’s by no device-ending battle of conquest and expansion. It’s possible no longer all Skrulls are as benevolent as Talos and his household, nonetheless the MCU in fact hasn’t painted the Skrulls as the possibility they’re in the comics.

That would no longer mean the Kree can not serve as significant antagonists in Share 4. Earth has at final been awoke to the existence of alien lifestyles. The undeniable fact that a team of Earthlings stopped Thanos and saved the universe is trail to entice attention of the excellent and contaminated diversity, no longer to convey that the extra enemies Captain Marvel makes in her intergalactic peacekeeping missions, the extra she paints a target on the wait on of her homeworld. We would possibly perhaps even explore the Kree Supreme Intelligence deciding to make Earth the next target in the Empire’s expansion plans, and or no longer it’ll clutch extra than one team of Avengers to stave off the excellent military in the identified universe.



Apocalypse is an glaring candidate for a significant MCU villain. He’s among the many strongest mutants on Earth, and he’s been identified to tussle with varied heroes to boot. We no doubt would no longer bid no to a film in conserving with the Age of Apocalypse crossover.

That being talked about, Apocalypse used to be handled barely only in the near past (and poorly) in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse. Marvel Studios would possibly perhaps even clutch into myth this villain to be damaged items upright now. Even though no longer, Marvel’s chance of villains to this level in the Spider-Man movies suggests they’re extra all for using contaminated guys who haven’t already been featured in past movies. So if no longer Apocalypse, then why no longer the one mutant villain even older than he? Perhaps Selene is the excellent option for the MCU.

Selene is a millennia-broken-down mutant vampire who feeds on the psychic lifestyles power of others. This has allowed her to outlive into the gift and makes her a nearly unstoppable foe when powered up. She’s battled the X-Men both on her fill and as a member of the Hellfire Club. Given her connections to the supernatural realm, she’s a villain with a provocative ability to unite the X-Men, Avengers and Physician Odd in one massive battle. The MCU would possibly perhaps even even carry out its fill clutch on the Necrosha crossover, the achieve Selene resurrects useless mutants in an strive to flip herself exact into a goddess. That’s in most cases a device of bringing wait on useless fan-popular heroes as zombies.

Selene’s backstory furthermore permits for some attention-grabbing possibilities through exploring the prehistoric past of the MCU. She in fact has tangential ties to Conan the Barbarian! Will grasp to Marvel Studios ever fabricate the rights to the Conan franchise (as Marvel Comics only in the near past did), Selene would possibly perhaps perhaps be the supreme villain for a Conan/Avengers team-up film.

Kang the Conqueror


This great villain is injurious for having weaponized time itself. He freely travels between past and future and manipulates the route of human history for his fill ends. He ruled in vulnerable Egypt as a god, and he lords over the far away future as an all-great tyrant. And regardless of how persistently Kang is defeated and apparently killed, his mastery of time device there is constantly one other model of him ready to strike the Avengers when they least seek files from him.

The events of Endgame would possibly perhaps even simply serve as the catalyst for Kang’s debut. Most most likely Endgame serves as his starting achieve memoir. When a younger Kang sees how the Avengers were ready to manipulate time in uncover to compose an not possible function, he’s impressed to preserve out the identical. Or perchance Kang has constantly been lurking in the wait on of the scenes in the MCU, and the Avengers’ actions make him feel threatened enough to at final allege himself. It would be that the events of Endgame high-tail away time itself broken, leaving Kang an opening to work his mischief on a just correct grander scale.

Kang makes sense as an overarching mastermind villain given his connections to an total lot of Marvel franchises. He has ties to the Avengers, Impossible Four, Inhumans and X-Men. And given your complete evidence that Marvel is slowly building up to the debut of the Young Avengers, Kang would possibly perhaps perhaps be a excellent nemesis for that team. For added on how Endgame subtly sets up Kang the Conqueror, head here.

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