WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (July 29, 2019): A massive improvement – Cageside Seats

WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (July 29, 2019): A massive improvement – Cageside Seats

I try to get clever with review titles sometimes, mainly for my own amusement. This one’s just straight up the truth and what I think would get you to click on the review, Cagesiders. This episode of Raw was a massive improvement. And it all starts with Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins. I admitted to…

I strive to bring together suave with overview titles in most cases, basically for my have amusement. This one’s true straight up the reality and what I mediate would bring together you to click on the overview, Cagesiders. This episode of Raw used to be a huge enchancment. And all of it starts with Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins.

I admitted to you top seemingly week that I used to be on the verge of tuning out on this feud because Lesnar’s true…he’s obtained a formulation – or he’s had a formulation – for moderately some time now. Ever since beating the Undertaker at WrestleMania, if reality be told. He’s this top seemingly boss that’s by no methodology if reality be told that sharp within the build. The match is fun, but no one expects folks to beat him, after which we gain one more challenger.

The Lesnar Carousel, whenever you happen to will.

Smartly, this man tried to execute Seth Rollins on this show off. And I’m no longer fully contented that Rollins is tranquil breathing.

It began with the promoted match of Dolph Ziggler vs. Rollins coming off the rails early. Ziggler entered to Shawn Michaels’ music for obvious, troll-ish reasons. It used to be also an superior utilize of an former trope. Rollins used to be fleet getting the upper hand till Lesnar came out and fully eviscerated the man. Suplex after suplex, F5 after F5.

But then it obtained shaded in a formula Lesnar’s stuff on the complete doesn’t. Tackle an animal, he on the complete sates his thirst for violence, gets bored, and leaves.

This time? He refused to cease. He grabbed a chair, smacked Rollins with it, opened it up into a seated space, after which F5’d his opponent onto the exposed support. Over, and over, and over, and over…

Rollins used to be gasping for air and coughing blood by the tip of it.

And after a commercial spoil, we obtained an anarchic scene within the support of the curtain. Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch looked on helplessly as Rollins used to be carted to an ambulance, true for the passe to be ambushed by Samoa Joe and The OC. As that used to be occurring, Lesnar attacked AGAIN to rip Rollins off the stretcher and to F5 him one time beyond regulation.

. Wanna be sure he’s smartly useless and all.

And now I’m rambling and bleeding segments together, but then we obtained this huge 8-man brawl to cease the show off. Cedric Alexander jumped off the damn tron. It used to be superior and all and sundry looked true from it.

What used to be this show off?! The build did this reach from?


Talking of superior issues that did a monumental job characterizing the contributors, hiya a Gauntlet match!

Rey Mysterio and Cesaro began this element off with a US Championship shot on the line for SummerSlam. And whenever you happen to concept Mysterio vs. Cesaro sounded very supreme…device on.

A springboard into an uppercut? Nuts!

Mysterio’s crucifix and top rope counters? Absurd!

The transition to a top rope bulldog? Cesaro and Mysterio are you two SERIOUS?!

Rey won with the 619 into a Frog Splash. I wished to appear Cesaro hit a 619 on this match – or no longer decrease than strive to – but that’s admire…the smallest criticism ever. These two are crazy true at this wrestling element.

Sami Zayn used to be subsequent and obtained beaten in no time at all. His ache used to be potentially basically the most sharp one I’m focused on/no longer into. The build’s this going for Zayn? Will it support his have tale spirited forward? If no longer, couldn’t we now have done something else?

Afterwards, we obtained Andrade vs. Mysterio which is incessantly one amongst basically the most sharp issues ever. Alternatively, they didn’t journey with the surreal spots this time as remarkable as they tried to bring together Andrade some heat. And it worked! He mocked Mysterio, mocked Eddie Guerrero with the Three Amigos, after which ripped Mysterio’s conceal off his face after the match for the hell of it.

When Ricochet came down, he had the team firmly in his nook. It made his job so remarkable more uncomplicated, and he delivered with gusto.

I if reality be told cherished his promo at the tip as smartly. He seemed very susceptible, as if even he couldn’t mediate he had won the US Championship from Joe. But this time, he if reality be told believes in himself. I can dig it.

The OC resolve the Raw Value Team Championships

The OC has OG: Absolute top Gold.

…That used to be lame. Sorry.

So! Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows confirmed some precise personality progression on this episode! For weeks prior to their heel flip, AJ Kinds berated them for turning into soft. He scolded them for his or her showboating and for dropping their edge.

On this triple chance trace match, they stopped doing the total slow stuff. They by no methodology showboated. They had been speak material to lurk spherical the outskirts of the match. And within the tip, Gallows made a sneaky trace to position the Usos and the Revival down for true.

That’s monumental! That’s the form of stuff we would like extra of: characters having a flaw and doing something to repair it. That’s storytelling in a nutshell, honestly. And it’s monumental for a trace division that’s if reality be told been the Usos and Revival for a protracted length.

One other superior element – this match used to be very true. The OC can journey. So no longer simplest did we bring together a tale that made sense, but we’ve obtained a trace team that will presumably well build aside on titillating suits.

That’s all I can inquire of for.

The Leisure

A Second of Bliss – I love how this one used to be slightly tranquil for as soon as! Bliss and Nikki Awful true did their element and talked about some stuff that came about top seemingly week in a formula that isn’t the frying pan to the cranium that WWE on the complete bashes us with. Becky confirmed up on the jumbotron to in most cases whisper “I’ve obtained receipts for your trash talk. Additionally, Awful? You’re a humiliation.” Absolute top build to a match on the connected show off.

Becky Lynch def. Alexa Bliss. And then Becky Lynch def. Nikki Awful – Which ended in 2 suits to show off the sheer dichotomy of this Bliss/Awful relationship. Bliss faked an damage, complete with crocodile tears, to bring together out of her match. Awful, incensed to shield her friend’s honor, challenged Lynch true then and there.

Awful has the functionality to be a hell of a babyface when the flip comes.

What made this higher used to be how smartly it dwelling up Natalya to reach support down and look badass. She drove off the heels and left a parting reward for Lynch catching her with a submission prior to the show off.

24/7 Championship highlights –

The show off began with a continuation of the R-Fact vs. Drake Maverick feud. They and their prospective companions had a mixed trace match where Maverick obtained destroyed. The regular gang used to be there to capitalize and by some capacity Mike Kanellis walked away with the title.

He also laid down for his main other, Maria, to position her heel on his chest and to resolve the title for him. And as remarkable as the emasculation stuff is true downright odd…it’s kinda rate it for Maria strolling down the hall fortunately screaming “Pregnant Champ!”

It’s a terribly, if reality be told uncommon dynamic all spherical. But hiya, wrestling.

Viking Raiders def. Native Expertise – Amidst the total other madness occurring, these guys true don’t stick out that remarkable to me. And all over again, that’s a shame because their trace moves are if reality be told cold.

So remarkable of those stories depends off of expectation. My expectations influence the grades, and for some time now I haven’t expected remarkable of WWE. 1-2 true segments? Hiya, I’ll grab it. B or C or whatever.

I used to be blown away this week. I had no belief the show off will likely be this participating.

Grade: A

In Heyman We Trust, Cageside?

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