WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (June 24, 2019): AJ vs. Ricochet! – Cageside Seats

WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (June 24, 2019): AJ vs. Ricochet! – Cageside Seats

AJ Styles vs. Ricochet in the main event of Raw. This is what I’m talking about. This was so good for several reasons for me. For one – and I can’t speak for you all, only myself – but I’ve grown immeasurably weary of Corbin/Rollins and McMahon/Reigns getting the bulk of every Raw…and sometimes even…

AJ Kinds vs. Ricochet in the indispensable event of Raw. This is what I’m talking about.

This used to be so swish for several reasons for me. For one – and I will be capable to’t talk for you all, finest myself – but I’ve grown immeasurably weary of Corbin/Rollins and McMahon/Reigns getting the bulk of every Raw…and in most cases even SmackDown. WWE did quite a bit to alternate that for this mask, and I liked that fact.

Secondly, we had several reports going into this match, and then an fully hundreds of 1 throughout the match. Ricochet had a promo coming into into the attach he used to be requested what a success the United States Championship capability to him. And in his long-established bashful plan, he acknowledged he didn’t even know yet. He used to be silent processing what he’d performed and finest knew that he cherishes it and doesn’t desire it to complete. He additionally tweeted earlier than the mask that he used to be sore, but silent clearly challenging to battle AJ Kinds with no days leisure.

As for Kinds, he’s been increasing agitated for several reasons. He’s been on the shelf, which is its have agitation, but Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were pissing him off. The Membership’s a shell of its feeble self, and AJ can’t stand it. He advised A&G off over again on this mask, and then advised them off over again after they tried to appear in Kinds’ corner for the indispensable event.

As for the match itself, these two weren’t correct going all out. It didn’t fit the chronicle. Commentary acknowledged that AJ regarded tiresome – which makes sense, thanks to rust – but he used to be doing a fairly job of grounding Ricochet. Makes sense that the billion-three hundred and sixty five days vet who’s notion of as the most interesting on this planet could well well secure a plan to effect that, apt? And Ricochet did his finest, but used to be countered on every occasion he picked up some steam. We even bought a dapper effect, with AJ showing the Membership how it’s performed.

Hell yeah. Sold. Give me more results like this with performers like this.


I had resigned myself on this one, Cageside. I was indubitably studying a e book thru the Shane McMahon/Roman Reigns stuff. I had no curiosity in the truth is watching it.


Goddammit. I chuckled and region the e book down.

Okay. So Undertaker, then. We bought one other Saudi Arabia mask coming up or something? I don’t have to flame this unnecessarily, so I’ll chorus from being too skeptical, declaring things like Undertaker’s age. This could well well be cool. It used to be absolutely shapely, I’ll give them that.

We correct hold no chronicle to affiliate with it for the time being. No rhyme or reason for why Undertaker would mask up on a Raw to connect Shane McMahon down. Is he speculated to be our guardian angel or something, saving the mask from tyranny?

No clue. But I attach the e book down…for now. If WWE focuses more on the Undertaker/Reigns dynamic and never more on McMahon, this could occasionally be indubitably relaxing.

24/7 is by far silent the most interesting thing

Highlights this week? R-Truth in long-established. He used to be a beautiful interview. He outlined to Miz what “crib” intended and scoffed at the total “cops” showing up to his door this week making an try to acquire him to resolution the door. As he acknowledged rather clearly, “I ain’t tiresome.”

Drake Maverick regarded as if it will ask for a 1-on-1 match, lamenting the indisputable fact that his wife hates him now and obtained’t consummate their marriage. R-Truth advised him that fiber’s swish for that form of thing.

Titus O’Neil practically carried a ref to ringside after the match, despite one already being mask in the ring.

Cedric Alexander indubitably kicked R-Truth’s ass for a second so the total other challengers ganged up on him in space of R-Truth, allowing him to stir away.

Later in the mask, we bought a flurry of title modifications. Heath Slater used to be champion for roughly 30 seconds earlier than R-Truth obtained it help. Cedric Alexander snuck up to hit R-Truth with the Lumbar Check for his first indispensable roster title, but EC3 assaulted him on the outside. And sooner or later, Carmella distracted EC3 to allow R-Truth to rep all over over again.

9-time champ, child!

The Leisure

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins vs. Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin at Vulgar Guidelines – I’ve bought to present WWE credit score for this mask. They knew this feud used to be overstaying its welcome as the most interesting storyline of the mask, so that they bought it performed fast and moved on. Makes it powerful more uncomplicated to compliment how adorable Becky and Seth could also be and Seth’s response when Becky shoved him for intrepid to inspect to complete her from combating.

Let’s protect this thing fast and candy until the tip, yeah?

Nikki Vulgar and Alexa Bliss def. Naomi and Natalya – Popping out of Stomping Grounds, it felt like Bliss used to be evaluating whether she ought to proceed this Vulgar experiment or no longer. She perceived to have up her solutions though, and used to be encouraging Vulgar to acquire meaner and more violent. It didn’t the truth is work, but Nikki did the total work in the tag match to acquire the rep so…child steps? Baby steps!

I admire this chronicle. I’m hoping we obtain some serious progression by Vulgar Guidelines.

Kofi Kingston wins two fits, gets attacked by Samoa Joe – Man, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are so swish at their jobs. The paper champion argument used to be so pathetically vile that it bought a upward push out of the group, as did Owens for making an try to initiate a Sami chant. He turned a limited phase of the group heel with him and bought even more cheers for Kofi.

And Kofi did this all by himself. He withstood two very game challengers, but used to be attacked at his weakest by Joe. …Joe’s a Raw man, apt? I need we could well well obtain challengers from the accurately-assigned designate, but with out reference to. Joe rocks, so I obtained’t complain.

The Usos and New Day def. The Revival, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan – Essentially, indubitably happy that this match bought booked. I indubitably most standard the booking right here, too. They let Bryan creep as a beefy babyface in his home deliver and we can blame the Revival for him being eliminated. It saved the despise from being placed on the swish guys.

That ending used to be dope, too. Scott Dawson superplexed Jimmy Uso, but Jey Uso crotched Speed Wilder on the adjacent turnbuckle and worn his Wilder’s help as a springboard to hit Dawson with a splash to rep.

Braun Strowman def. Bobby Lashley in Tug of Battle – Strowman toyed with him earlier than yanking Bobby like a rag doll. I indubitably most standard the absurdity of the previews for this sq. off. Strowman used to be tugging an 18-wheeler and Lashley yanked so laborious on a energy line that his rope broke. They brawled afterwards as properly.

Viking Raiders def. The Membership – The chronicle right here used to be in general the identical as closing week. G&A were goofing off with No Draw Jose’s conga line when AJ Kinds came to cross to to scold them. Karl used to be correct working in opposition to his moves for Maria, AJ!

It didn’t help too powerful with their match this week, both. All over over again the Membership had tell, but goofed off and misplaced the match. Likely AJ ought to consult the distinctive – and for certain the better Membership leader, hmm?

(…I’m trolling, Cageside.)

The attach’s Bray? – The absence of our popular Firefly is in general upsetting. Trim!

Two swish episodes in a row! They minimized the stuff we’ve viewed too powerful of and gave others the chance to shine. There’s silent stuff that isn’t…most interesting, but after they attach their finest foot forward, this normally is a terribly relaxing mask.

Grade: B

Sound about apt, Cageside?

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