Fact check: Trump falsely claims Melania Trump has ‘gotten to know Kim Jong Un’ – CNN

Fact check: Trump falsely claims Melania Trump has ‘gotten to know Kim Jong Un’ – CNN

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump gave a joint news conference Monday with French President Emmanuel Macron before his departure from the G7 summit in France. He then stuck around to take additional questions by himself.Trump made at least eight false claims, seven of which he had made before. (The new one was an odd claim about…

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump gave a joint news conference Monday with French President Emmanuel Macron earlier than his departure from the G7 summit in France. He then stuck around to buy extra questions by himself.

Trump made on the least eight deceptive claims, seven of which he had made earlier than. (The contemporary one used to be an intelligent articulate about Melania Trump and Kim Jong Un.) And he made on the least 5 claims that we’re going to call misleading, questionable or lacking in context.

Untrue claims

Melania Trump and Kim Jong Un
“The first lady has gotten to understand Kim Jong Un, and I believe she would accept as true with me he’s a person with a nation that has colossal in all probability,” Trump acknowledged.
Details First: Melania Trump used to be no longer exhibit for any of Trump’s three meetings with Kim Jong Un, and there might be no such thing as a proof she has ever spoken to Kim.
White Dwelling press secretary Stephanie Grisham acknowledged in an announcement later Monday: “President Trump confides in his wife on many disorders including the detailed substances of his valid relationship with Chairman Kim — and whereas the First Lady hasn’t met him, the President feels look after she’s gotten to understand him too.”
We’re calm calling the assertion deceptive. Trump’s phrasing, “gotten to understand,” clearly suggested some diploma of non-public interaction between Melania Trump and Kim.
The Iran deal and money
Trump acknowledged, of the 2015 nuclear settlement with Iran, that “we gave them $150 billion.”
Details First: It used to be no longer US government money within the first blueprint, and the “$150 billion” resolve is an exaggeration. Even supposing the Iran nuclear deal allowed the nation to uncover admission to tens of billions in its have resources that had been frozen in far off places financial institutions on memoir of of sanctions, experts announce the general used to be considerably decrease than $150 billion.
In 2015, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew set the quantity at $56 billion. You might perchance well perchance perchance read a fuller fact verify on this articulate right here.
The expiration of the Iran deal
Trump acknowledged the nuclear settlement is “practically expiring, in case you think it.”
Details First: Whereas some central provisions were written to expire within the next 10 to fifteen years, the deal as a whole — including a blanket prohibition on Iran increasing nuclear weapons — used to be written to continue in perpetuity.
The exchange deficit with the European Union
Trump acknowledged: “The EU is one other one: we have been losing $180 billion a year for decades.”
Details First: The exchange deficit with the European Union used to be $114 billion in 2018, $101 billion in 2017, $93 billion in 2016.
The exchange deficit with China
Trump acknowledged that China had been “taking” $500 billion from the US for “many, decades” and “each single year.”
Details First: The exchange deficit with China has never been $500 billion. It used to be $381 billion in 2018 when counting items and products and companies, $420 billion when counting items alone.
We will ignore Trump’s description of the exchange deficit as China “taking” money out of the US, which is rejected by most economists.
Earnings from tariffs on China
Trump acknowledged of China: “Now we own billions and billions coming in.” He moreover acknowledged: “The United States, which has never accumulated 10 cents from China, will in a reasonably short time frame be over $100 billion in tariffs.”
Details First: Americans uncover the particular tariff payments, no longer of us in China, and financial evaluate own concluded that the overwhelming majority of the prices are being eaten by Americans. (Some Chinese exporters are moreover bearing a pair of of the prices, however it is indubitably no longer actual that they’re doing so alone.) It’s far moreover no longer actual that the US has never earlier than generated earnings from tariffs on Chinese merchandise: the government had tariffs on China for bigger than two centuries.
Also, whereas the tariffs on China might perchance well perchance successfully generate bigger than $100 billion within the future, that will not be always going to occur in an instant; the resolve used to be $21 billion as of July, The Original York Times reported.
Asian American unemployment
Trump claimed again that unemployment for Asian Americans is on the lowest price “ever.”
Details First: Whereas the unemployment price for Asian Americans hit a low earlier in Trump’s term, the price in July, 2.8%, used to be greater than it used to be within the final fleshy month of Obama’s term, 2.6%.
Energy manufacturing
“I hang that the United States has colossal wealth. The wealth is underneath its feet. I’ve made that wealth reach alive. We can quickly be one of many — we can quickly be exporting — if truth be told, we’re in actuality doing it now. Exporting. Nonetheless we are in actuality the quantity 1 vitality producer on this planet and quickly this would be by far, with a pair of pipelines which own no longer been ready to uncover permitted for many, decades,” Trump acknowledged.
Details First: Opposite to Trump’s recommendation right here, the US has no longer appropriate “now” change into the world’s high vitality producer: It took the high blueprint in 2012 underneath Obama, in line with the US government’s Energy Knowledge Administration. The US turned the high producer of terrifying oil particularly within the future of Trump’s tenure.
“The United States has been the world’s high producer of natural gas since 2009, when US natural gas manufacturing surpassed that of Russia, and it has been the world’s high producer of petroleum hydrocarbons since 2013, when its manufacturing exceeded Saudi Arabia’s,” the Energy Knowledge Administration says.

Deceptive, questionable or lacking-in-context claims

Environmental affect statements
“I’m an environmentalist. Rather a pair of of us don’t understand that. I in actuality own performed extra environmental affect statements perchance than anybody that — I notify I will announce surely, on memoir of I’ve performed many, many, loads of them. More than anybody that’s ever been president or vp or anything even end to president,” Trump acknowledged.
Details First: Trump’s administration has made a systematic effort to uncover rid of or weaken environmental regulations. Doing environmental affect statements will not be any longer proof of environmentalism; such statements are required by governments for huge pattern projects.
Trump is the first president or vp to be a essential industrial valid estate developer, so it is far doubtless actual that he has been taking into consideration extra environmental affect statements than the others. Nonetheless this indubitably would no longer uncover him the indispensable environmentalist within the bunch.
Eire and the UK
Requested about exchange relatives with the United Kingdom, Trump acknowledged: “I look after the UK. I’ve colossal property within the UK. I look after the UK. I in actuality have not any conception how my property is doing on memoir of I don’t care. Nonetheless I’ve Turnberry and I’ve in Aberdeen and I’ve in Eire as you know, Doonbeg.”
Details First: Eire, where Trump’s Doonbeg golf club is located, will not be any longer a part of the United Kingdom.
We might perchance well perchance no longer call the articulate deceptive on memoir of it is far imaginable Trump used to be making an are trying to distinguish his Eire golf property from the others. Nonetheless this would no longer be the first time Trump suggested he belief Eire used to be a part of the UK; he moreover did so final year.
His wealth
Requested about concerns about him profiting from the presidency, given his draw to buy a G7 summit at his Doral resort in Florida subsequent year, Trump acknowledged, “I’ve spent — and I believe I will, in a aggregate of loss and exchange, perchance it will tag me any place from 3 to 5 billion to be president.”
Details First: We can’t fact-verify what might perchance well own came about in an exchange scenario wherein Trump did no longer change into president, but we might perchance well perchance calm masks that Trump has offered no proof to augment this articulate. Forbes magazine, which estimates the fetch worth of the colossal-filthy rich, says the articulate is “absurd,” and that “Trump will not be any longer losing $3 billion to $5 billion.”
The magazine estimates that his fortune has fallen from $4.5 billion in 2015 to $3.1 billion.
Russia, Crimea and Obama
Trump repeated his articulate that Russia used to be suspended from the G8 on memoir of of Barack Obama’s deepest embarrassment about being “outsmarted” by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea.
“It used to be vogue of taken far from President Obama. Not taken far from President Trump, taken far from President Obama. President Obama used to be no longer entirely chuffed that this came about on memoir of it used to be embarrassing to him, lawful? It used to be very embarrassing to him. And he wished Russia to be out of the — what used to be known as the G8. And that used to be his decision. He used to be outsmarted by Putin. He used to be outsmarted,” Trump acknowledged.
Details First: Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine. Whereas we can’t definitively fact-verify a articulate about Obama’s deepest emotions about Putin’s switch, Russia’s suspension from the G8 used to be a joint decision of the G8.
Russia’s ouster used to be counseled by no longer handiest Obama, but the leaders of Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy.
Change dealings with China
Trump acknowledged of his relationship with China: “We own had many calls. Secretary Mnuchin is right here, and that you might own had many calls over the past 24 hours, but indubitably over the past Forty eight hours. We own had many calls, no longer appropriate one. These are high-diploma calls.”
Details First: A spokesperson for China’s International Ministry acknowledged earlier within the day that he used to be “no longer mindful” of any contemporary cell phone calls between the two countries. (Reuters successfully-known that China’s Commerce Ministry, no longer the International Ministry, is the entity that on the general provides statements on exchange calls, however it had no longer performed in expose of 5 p.m. ET on Monday.)
Mnuchin, Trump’s treasury secretary, acknowledged there had indeed been “communications” and “discussions,” but he would no longer verify that there own been actual cell phone calls. We can exchange this merchandise if extra records emerges.

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