The Antonio Brown Helmet Saga Is Too Much Even for ‘Hard Knocks’ – The Ringer

The Antonio Brown Helmet Saga Is Too Much Even for ‘Hard Knocks’ – The Ringer

The Raiders have one more season to play in Oakland before they disembark for Las Vegas. This year, HBO’s Hard Knocks is following the Raiders through their preseason training camp, and we’ll be breaking down each episode. “There’s no whining in football,” the voiceover intones, “but every August football comes to wine country.” And how!…

The Raiders have any other season to play in Oakland before they disembark for Las Vegas. This 365 days, HBO’s Noteworthy Knocks is following the Raiders thru their preseason practising camp, and we’ll be breaking down every episode. “There’s no whining in soccer,” the voiceover intones, “nonetheless every August soccer involves wine country.” And how!

No longer even Noteworthy Knocks can retain up with the swirling winds of the Antonio Brown helmet drama. Episode 3 figured to be spectacular after the Noteworthy Knocks cameras chased the seek of one in every of the NFL’s strangest storms the past week and a half. In that span, Antonio Brown had his helmet saga printed, lost his grievance to build on the helmet, tweeted he would swap a signed helmet for a more newest version of the helmet he wants to build on, returned to take a look at for the Raiders, realized his helmet loophole had been rejected, stopped practising, filed a 2d grievance in opposition to the NFL, and gotten publicly chewed out by general supervisor Mike Mayock.

“It’s miles time to be all in or all out,” Mayock acknowledged.

That appears to be like unimaginable for the individuals producing Noteworthy Knocks. Whether or not attributable to Brown’s yarn is shifting so swiftly or the Raiders are flexing their muscle over HBO’s editorial choices, the veil has not printed the depths that it’s able to with regards to helmetgate. There became once no revealing pictures of the presumably homemade paint-job helmet Brown reportedly tried to build on earlier this month, and there weren’t any boiling frustrations between head coach Jon Gruden and Brown. In its establish, this episode centered on the dazzling vibes Brown shared with Gruden in the handful of days between when Brown thought he can even build on his helmet (August 13) and realized he couldn’t (August 17). We don’t have many answers after Tuesday or enjoyable reveals, nonetheless we blueprint have hundreds of silly anecdotes.

Antonio Brown Is Like MJ, Form Of


Noteworthy Knocks launched Brown’s return to Raiders practising camp the same means Condominium Jam launched Michael Jordan to the Tune Squad.

A bunch of avid gamers doing silly heat-americaare interrupted by a dramatic entrance that claims, “Witness who’s finally ready to play.” A unhurried-circulation shot pans from Brown’s ludicrously costly sneakers to a faint smile, after which Brown spends the the relaxation of be aware dunking on his teammates whereas everyone watches starry-eyed and R&B music plays. The appropriate distinction between that Condominium Jam scene and Brown’s introduction in Noteworthy Knocks is that tight discontinuance Luke Willson’s calves are frailer than Daffy Duck’s.

Brown even has his version of Michael’s secret stuff. Drinking from a green Gatorade bottle for the length of be aware, he can’t focal point on anything nonetheless how delectable the watermelon-and-berry-flavored sideline concoction one in every of the assistants conjured for him is.

“This shit is sick,” Brown says. “Protect this shit by the damn cooler.”

The assistant keeps his be aware, attributable to Brown is on the sideline of the team’s preseason sport in opposition to the Arizona Cardinals, handing out drinks and telling individuals it’s his secret concoction, offering it on the rocks.

Every person who can sidle up to Brown wants to be taught about how his toes, which had been frostbitten from cryotherapy. Problematic guard Richie Incognito persisted his newfound friendship with Brown and made some little focus on before cutting to the walk.

“What are they doing to your toes?” Incognito asked. “Oils and shit?”

Browns shook his head. “Reduce the skin off.”

Brown’s angle is novel skin, novel me. “Too mighty noise correct now,” Brown says in a one-on-one with the cameras. “More work, much less noise.” (It’s indispensable to dispute that he would discontinuance practising a few days after this message.) He adds that he feels delight in the “enemy of the fucking inform.”

The episode ends on a cop-out. Brown’s strive to exhaust a law loophole and build on a more newest version of his extinct helmet is blocked, and over all all over again he stops practising. This yarn isn’t told thru in the aid of-the-scenes pictures, nonetheless rather thru NFL Network clips, a Mike Mayock statement that had already been on social media for 2 days, and a voiceover explaining that the dazzling vibes we saw of Brown at be aware had ended.

The episode does not dive into the substance of Brown’s helmet issues, the functionality scientific ramifications of him not carrying licensed tools, or any of the rancor between Gruden, Mayock, and Brown—a curious disagreement to the Cleveland Browns’ means closing 365 days on the veil when the disconnect between then–head coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley became once palpable. It’s conceivable the Raiders are flexing their adjust over the editorial direction of better than predecessors: As Peter King wrote in his column this week at Skilled Soccer Discuss, “I’ve acknowledged this a few instances: Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock blueprint not desire any share of Noteworthy Knocks, and attributable to groups gain a blueprint to glimpse the capacity veil before it airs a week, there’s no ask in my ideas that the Raiders are being heavy editors.” Perchance Jackson and Haley both being fired midseason for interior squabbling solidified for Gruden and Mayock that minute in discovering dazzling can arrive from cameras at some stage in the establish.

The Noteworthy Knocks producers looked as if it will provide a mea culpa by leaving us with one gem. At one point for the length of be aware, Gruden asks Brown whether his toes afflict.

“When it’s staunch sizzling that shit begins to burn, I’ve obtained to take cling of my sneakers off,” Brown says.

“Why don’t you budge to a cryochamber?” Gruden asks.

The Duality of Man

In a single in every of the finest pieces of editing in cinematic history, Noteworthy Knocks captures a dialog between tight ends coach Frank Smith and tight discontinuance Darren Waller in which Smith is attempting to persuade Waller to see Wrestle Membership. Smith explains it’s about “the duality of man, the dazzling facet and the abominable facet.” With that, the digicam cuts to backup quarterbacks Mike Glennon and Nathan Peterman.


The majestic disclose of narrator Liev Schreiber takes over: No. 7 Mike Glennon and no. 3 Nathan Peterman realize the yin and the yang. Light and shadowy.

Gruden’s seek files from of Glennon and Peterman to be more assertive on and off-discipline has been one in every of the finest subplots of the full series, as Gruden tries to rehabilitate dilapidated Bills punch line Peterman.

Yet Gruden just isn’t cheerful with the (lack of) growth that Peterman is making either, and when asked whether he wants Glennon or Peterman to play the majority of their next preseason sport, Gruden spends a staunch seven seconds making this face:


That is a person staring into the abyss.

Gruden made up our minds to provide Glennon more playing time, and the decision at closing bore fruit as he posted 175 yards and two touchdowns in the 33-26 victory. After the game, Gruden addressed the locker room about their coming sport in opposition to Inexperienced Bay in Canada and licensed Glennon’s efficiency.

“We’ve obtained a queer week constructing, nonetheless we’re a bunch of queer guys,” Gruden says before he names Glennon the standout performer of the game to cheers from the team. “Mike Glennon’s obtained some neck, man! We’ve obtained some neck!”

Here’s Mike Glennon:

This Week in Jon Gruden

Gruden lets quarterback Derek Carr have the closing train on the discontinuance of a team assembly, and Carr pronounces that he has a selected guest: Jon Gruden. Gruden is perplexed. In walks licensed impersonator Frank Caliendo, who does his Gruden impersonation in entrance of the full team. It’s not the major time the 2 have been in the same room together.

Caliendo’s Gruden disclose is so dazzling it’s not particular whether staunch or false Gruden is speaking when the digicam isn’t on his face.

“Glennon, delight in you man,” false-Gruden says. “We wanted a quarterback on the team with plenty of neck, we’ve obtained a just correct man for that.”

Swallowing Gum

On the sideline of their preseason sport in opposition to Arizona, Raiders linebacker Tahir Whitehead tells rookie safety Johnathan Abram that he will get dry mouth when he wears a mouthguard, which is why he chews gum on the discipline. Abram (the same man who insisted “salmon” became once pronounced sammon in the premiere) agreed, nonetheless acknowledged that gum tastes so dazzling he ends up swallowing it. Whitehead tells Abram he can’t swallow gum.

“Man, I swallow all my gum.” Abram says.

Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict interjects to stutter he can finest have gum in his mouth for 2 minutes before he swallows it. Whitehead shakes his head and says that’s delight in swallowing rubber.

“You shit it out!” Burfict says. He then admits it roughly hurts.

“You’re going to be fucking constipated,” Whitehead says.

“They’re going to obtain you an enema,” Abrams says.

“I don’t even know what that is,” Burfict says.

“That’s delight in after they take cling of the extinct individuals, and …” Abrams says, nonetheless he is laughing so hard he cannot blueprint his sentence. It’s a belly-churning nonetheless heartwarming reminder of what Noteworthy Knocks is all about. Every team has to work thru some shit.

Disclosure: HBO is an preliminary investor in The Ringer.

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