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A woman made a viral video telling people she’d given them HIV. Police now want a blood sample. – Washington Post

A woman made a viral video telling people she’d given them HIV. Police now want a blood sample. – Washington Post

Deanna Paul Reporter covering national and breaking news August 8 at 12:09 PM Brandi Yakeima Lasiter wanted to punish the men of Americus, Ga., who had allegedly wronged her. She set her plan into motion last week on a Facebook Live feed, claiming to be HIV positive and broadcasting that she had intentionally infected her…

Deanna Paul

Reporter retaining nationwide and breaking news

Brandi Yakeima Lasiter wished to punish the boys of Americus, Ga., who had allegedly wronged her. She space her thought into movement excellent week on a Facebook Dwell feed, claiming to be HIV obvious and broadcasting that she had intentionally infected her past sexual partners.

The video spread fleet and, though there might presumably fair be truth to the announcing, “Hell hath no fury like a girl scorned,” when confronted with legal penalties, the 36-year-old girl retreated.

Americus Police Maj. Herman Lamar the truth is handy the Connected Press on Wednesday that Lasiter talked about that the video was a lie and that she was no longer HIV obvious. Lasiter shared outcomes of a 2018 blood test with the police division to corroborate essentially the most latest model of her alleged invoice of nicely being. She also agreed to employ a 2nd blood test.

“She talked about she was exasperated at the of us named in the video when she posted it,” Lamar talked about.

Native regulation enforcement officers first obtained stories of the video on Friday. The hyperlinks led them to Lasiter’s minute-long Facebook rant. In the distinctive put up, which has since been eradicated, Lasiter started by announcing, “I am HIV obvious.”

Clad in a white T-shirt and red-streaked cap, she listed her alleged “victims” — her past partners and their better halves or girlfriends — and described the sexual encounters in detail.

“I persistently win the excellent snicker,” Lasiter talked about on the self-filmed video, highlighting her vengeance. “I win valid snide and grisly.”

Better than two-thirds of states and territories nationwide bear enacted HIV legal legal pointers — some, like Georgia, function no longer require transmission of HIV. In several states, failure to reveal HIV-obvious station is against the law, even when the person extinct a condom or was taking virus-suppression medication. Other jurisdictions criminalize behavior that poses the disaster of transmission, equivalent to spitting and biting, essentially based on a document printed by the College of California at Los Angeles College of Law’s Williams Institute.

[Florida man gets 10 years for knowingly spreading HIV]

In latest months, several cases bear divided advocates and resulted in debate about whether HIV legal legal pointers are preventing transmission or merely stigmatizing these already infected.

Sanjay Johnson, 26, uncovered one more man to HIV real via a one-night stand. Johnson had been on virus-suppression medication at the time and had been the truth is handy by scientific doctors that he might presumably no longer transmit HIV. Quiet, prosecutors in Diminutive Rock filed legal charges against him. He narrowly executed with out jail and was sentenced to probation.

A man in Pensacola, Fla., charged with knowingly spreading the virus, was sentenced to 10 years in jail excellent week after having sex with two females and mendacity about his HIV prognosis. Unlike Johnson, the 27-year-old had beforehand been convicted of getting sex with out pointing out he was HIV obvious.

[Implanted drug might presumably sometime prevent HIV an infection]

Below Georgia regulation, HIV-obvious folk are required to point to their prognosis to intimate partners; exposing one more to the virus real via a sexual arrive upon with out disclosure is a prison punishable by as a lot as 10 years in jail.

Americus police are trying ahead to Lasiter’s recent blood-test outcomes sooner than deciding whether to charge her.

The UCLA look worthy that between 1988 and September 2017, 571 HIV-associated arrests were made in Georgia. Sooner than 1997, HIV-associated arrests in the insist were rare — with 27 yearly. The quantity doubled around 2000, with 63 HIV-associated arrests that year.

Essentially based totally on 2016 recordsdata from Georgia’s Division of Public Heath, better than 58,000 of us with HIV reside in the insist, which the Facilities for Illness Control and Prevention stories as a excessive prevalence of the virus. In 2017, the Public Health Division reported that HIV had been identified in 2,500 Georgians.

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