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It’s placing the “bone” in — neatly, .

After falling on his rear terminate on the road, a 63-three hundred and sixty five days-worn man went to the emergency room for knee disaster. Doctors, panicked that he would possibly maybe well wish some extra damaged bones, performed a pelvic x-ray.

As an alternative, they chanced on that his penis used to be turning to bone.

“An intensive, plaque-like calcification alongside the anticipated distribution of the penis used to be evident,” scrutinize authors — 5 of whom work at the Bronx’s Lincoln Medical and Psychological Health Heart — write in a epic of the case, which is ready to be printed in Urology Case Reviews subsequent month.

The actual person with the member used to be now not identified in the epic, though it mentions that he walked with a cane and had a history of alcoholism.

He educated docs that he had experienced some disaster in his pelvic situation, nonetheless no other symptoms (equivalent to swelling or discharge).

Then he left — against medical advice — earlier than docs would possibly maybe well presumably glance his uncommon condition extra, or formally diagnose him.

“The diagnosis of penile ossification alongside your total penile shaft used to be suspected,” the scrutinize says. However “no laboratory investigation, histological examination, or prepare-up used to be completed.”

Johnsons turning to bone “is exceedingly uncommon,” the researchers write: There are fewer than 40 printed case reviews of the painful-sounding phenomenon.

Even in those uncommon cases, the hardening veritably easiest impacts section of the shaft — nonetheless this unlucky patient showed signs of ossification on his whole member, the docs impart.

“Our patient doubtlessly presented in the intense section of his disease on account of the presence of a penile disaster,” the epic reads.

In most cases, penis ossification is linked to a condition known as Peyronie’s disease, wherein scar tissue develops contained in the shaft. This would maybe presumably motive the organ to become infected and curve. It makes erections painful and can additionally consequence in erectile dysfunction.

Apart from Peyronie’s disease, syphilis, gonorrhea and trauma can additionally motive bone cells to form in a member.

Treatment depends on the severity of the condition, nonetheless can embody painkillers, “stretching” or vacuum gadgets, shockwave treatment or surgical treatment to buy the calcified tissues.