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Inside Italy’s war over vaccines – BBC News

Inside Italy’s war over vaccines – BBC News

Scientists say, repeatedly, that vaccines have never been safer – or more effective. So why do some people still refuse to trust them? Outbreaks of diseases are happening in countries where they haven’t been seen for decades. And number of people choosing not to vaccinate their children seems to be on the rise. It’s one…

Scientists issue, time and but again, that vaccines gain by no design been safer – or more helpful. So why damage some folks serene refuse to have faith them?

Outbreaks of diseases are going down in countries the build they haven’t been considered for a long time. And series of oldsters deciding on now to no longer vaccinate their childhood appears to be on the upward thrust. It be one amongst the high 10 global effectively being risks this 365 days, in step with the WHO.

BBC Population Reporter Stephanie Hegarty went to Italy, the build vaccines gain turn correct into a large wretchedness in most recent years, to explore a debate that is riddled with misinformation and false recordsdata.

Director/producer: Yousef Eldin

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