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Mosquitoes in Florida Are Spreading a Deadly Brain Virus – Futurism

Mosquitoes in Florida Are Spreading a Deadly Brain Virus – Futurism

Rare VirusOrange County, Florida, just released a public advisory warning that the Department of Health had found signs of the rare brain-infecting virus, Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV) in the area.EEEV is a particularly rare infection — it tends to spread in remote, swampy areas far from human civilization. But when the disease does strike,…

Uncommon Virus

Orange County, Florida, upright released a public advisory warning that the Division of Health had chanced on indicators of the uncommon mind-infecting virus, Jap equine encephalitis virus (EEEV) within the disclose.

EEEV is an especially uncommon infection — it tends to unfold in a long way-off, swampy areas removed from human civilization. Nevertheless when the disease does strike, it can maybe dangle to also be grave: Gizmodo reports that a bite from an contaminated mosquito can trigger severe, fatal mind swelling in a topic of days.

Sentinel Chickens

Health Division officers chanced on EEEV in a flock of sentinel chickens, which native governments consume to computer screen and track infectious diseases, per the warning, which incorporated a listing of steps people can steal to dwell mosquito populations from rising.

If the sentinel chickens are getting bit, meaning human infections might maybe presumably apply shut within the aid of, per Gizmodo.

Warmth Risk

Unfortunately, mosquito-borne illness will possible unfold farther into human-populated areas as our planet continues to heat up via native climate trade, per Gizmodo.

While EEEV is uncommon and human infections that end result in unhealthy symptoms are even rarer, scientists dangle but to determine a vaccine or treatment for the disease, posing an mission for our warmer future.

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