All the ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Characters, Ranked From Worst to Best – The Cheat Sheet

All the ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Characters, Ranked From Worst to Best – The Cheat Sheet

Law & Order: SVU is one of prime time television’s longest-running shows. The show was originally a spinoff of Law & Order, but at this point, it’s gained more prominence than the original. And with so many characters over the past 20 seasons, it’s impossible not to favor some over others. But what do viewers…

Rules & Elaborate: SVU is one of prime time television’s longest-running reveals. The level to became within the inspiration a derivative of Rules & Elaborate, but at this level, it’s won more prominence than the distinctive. And with so many characters over the past 20 seasons, it’s now not doable now to not desire some over others. But what attain viewers in general possess every of the level to’s major characters? Here are the head 10 SVU characters, ranked.

Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T put up with Snoop Dogg and Alex Chapple, the level to's director.
Mariska Hargitay and I-T put up with Snoop Dogg and the level to’s director, Alex Chapple. | James Devaney/GC Photos

10. Dominick Carisi

Detective Carisi is without doubt one of the most more moderen forged individuals, so he doesn’t rep the fame of longevity that a pair of of the assorted SVU detectives rep earned. But Carisi is basically the most born-and-bred Unique York Metropolis detective the level to has ever viewed, which is why the level to wants him. If he smooth had that horrific mustache, he doubtlessly wouldn’t rep made the head 10.

9. Amanda Rollins

Detective Rollins’ non-public life has been a indispensable subplot of the level to, and he or she brings both a spirited perspective and a selection of drama to the Particular Victims Unit. From her sister’s antics to her bear fearful past, Rollins has managed to climb out of the darkest parts of her bear life to transform a a hit half of the personnel. And for that, we applaud her.

8. Casey Novak

Casey Novak became the assistant district attorney on the level to for several seasons, and there had been few folks that build their heart and soul into the job the technique she did. Novak’s intelligence became exhausting to beat, but she furthermore confirmed a stage of compassion that now not too many others did. She became an all-spherical stand-up woman.

7. Dr. George Huang

Dr. Huang became essentially the precinct’s resident psychiatrist. He previously labored with the FBI earlier than making his technique to SVU. Huang had a relaxed technique about him that will accumulate even the cruelest criminals to talk about issues comparable to childhood trauma and their darkish pasts. He became the enlighten of motive on the precinct and detectives leaned on him to support read the minds of a selection of their criminals. He became now not simplest an needed half of the level to but furthermore a mode of characters no person could per chance well abhor.

6. Reduce Amaro

Detective Amaro didn’t join the level to except the later seasons, after Elliot Stabler left. He’s easy on the eyes, but we love him for higher than factual that. He swooped in after Stabler and made himself comfy in SVU. His non-public life made for some attention-grabbing sub plots, and his valid appears to be like to be like introduced a distinct roughly leisure to the level to… We’re factual announcing.

Reduce Amaro Dominick Carisi
Detectives Reduce Amaro, left, and Dominick Carisi | Michael Parmelee/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

5. John Munch

Munch’s sarcasm became without lengthen omitted when he retired from the precinct. He and Detective Tutuola made a indispensable personnel, and even supposing he’s been long past for several seasons now, he’ll by no manner be forgotten. He became without complications essentially the most nicely-liked detective, merely because there became by no manner a motive now to not love him. He by no manner raised his enlighten and became by no manner over-emotional, but that’s what made him such a truly indispensable half of the level to — he became continuously the one with no drama.

4. Alex Cabot

Alex Cabot became a job model. She became fearless, without reference to whom she became combating. And any SVU fan can enjoy that. There became no personality who spoke her thoughts quite love Cabot, and he or she had all americans fooled when she died then came reduction to life (or out of survey safety, whichever you rep shut). She became a mode of badass girls folks that every level to wants.

3. Elliot Stabler

There are so many issues to snort about Elliot Stabler. He’d be higher up on the checklist if it weren’t for his intense madden outbursts when he puzzled suspects, but varied than that, he became barely much flawless. He and Detective Benson had a bond love no varied, and all americans surely wished they’d rep ended up collectively. When he left the level to, a half of the level to left with him — and now not even Detective Amaro’s appears to be like to be like could per chance well replace it.

2. Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola

Detective Tutuola’s perspective spices up the level to in a technique no varied personality could per chance well. His fixed remarks make viewers chortle, even supposing his personality isn’t essentially meant to be funny. Tutuola is a mode of pals that every person wishes they had; he’s valid, spirited, and doesn’t steal any crap from anybody. He’s factual as central to the level to as Stabler and Benson.

1.Olivia Benson

The level to’s best most likely personality could per chance well seem painfully evident, but realistically, there wouldn’t be a SVU without Olivia Benson. She is the center of the precinct; she is the one who reveals compassion but furthermore appears to be like to be like fallacious correct within the face. She’s been kidnapped, she’s had a gun to her head, and he or she smooth keeps coming reduction for more. Her personality is higher than factual a persona; she’s any individual others can survey up to, without reference to the level to’s fiction. She is the motive the level to has viewed rather a lot success, and it’s exhausting to argue with that, without reference to how you feel about her.

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