‘Shark Tank’ Star Kevin O’Leary’s Boat Involved in Fatal Crash – TMZ

‘Shark Tank’ Star Kevin O’Leary’s Boat Involved in Fatal Crash – TMZ

Kevin O’Leary ‘Shark Tank’ Star’s Boat Involved in Fatal Crash 8/27/2019 5:52 PM PT Exclusive Kevin O’Leary’s boat was involved in a crash in Ontario, Canada that left one man dead, and a woman critically injured … TMZ has learned. The accident happened on Lake Joseph late Saturday, around 11:30 PM when a smaller…

Kevin O’Leary
‘Shark Tank’ Big name’s Boat All in favour of Fatal Fracture

8/27/2019 5:52 PM PT


Kevin O’Leary‘s boat was concerned with a smash in Ontario, Canada that left one man ineffective, and a lady critically injured … TMZ has realized.

The accident happened on Lake Joseph slack Saturday, around 11:30 PM when a smaller boat — owned by O’Leary — rammed true into a bigger boat … going straight away over its bow and putting a male passenger in the head, killing him in an instant.

A source linked to the owner of the larger boat tells TMZ … they suggested police after influence there was enough light to ID the oldsters on O’Leary’s boat — and the owner said it was O’Leary and his wife. We is no longer going to substantiate it was Kevin and his wife.

On the different hand, we like now spoken to Kevin relating to the accident and he said he was following police protocol and wouldn’t commentary. As for what the protocol is … we’re suggested cops is no longer going to starting up any names concerned with the accident except felony charges are filed.

We’re suggested O’Leary’s boat in an instant left the scene of the accident — but it was towed to the marina on Monday by a salvage boat with police onboard … who’ve seized it for forensic testing.

More than one sources characterize us a extreme component of this investigation is whether or no longer the larger boat had its lights on … so people on O’Leary’s boat could well perchance look it at the time of influence.

Kevin appears to like as a minimum 2 boats on the lake. While or no longer it is unclear which was in the the damage, a search described it as a wakeboarding boat. Kevin’s posted a pic of his “BatBoat” and bragged relating to the usage of it for “browsing” on the lake.

Our source says there like been a filled with 8 people on the larger craft. The fatality is reportedly a 64-yr-extinct man from Florida … whereas the injured woman is a Forty eight-yr-extinct Canadian citizen. She is reportedly on a ventilator with main mind damage.

Police officers have not said if alcohol was involved.

Kevin and his wife like a lake rental in the sphere, and so that they’ve posted plenty of images from the house, and on the lake.

He wrote of the property on Instagram, “I name this the “Wedge” it’s a natural phenomenon of nature located the put our lake rental house is located! Staunch handsome!”

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