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Climate change: Bafta calls for more environment plot lines on TV – BBC News

Climate change: Bafta calls for more environment plot lines on TV – BBC News

1.5 degrees Keeping the rise in global average temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius will avoid the worst impacts of climate change, scientists say. That’s compared with ‘pre-industrial’ times. The world has already warmed about 1C since then. 2 degrees The original target for limiting the rise in global average temperature. Recent research points to 1.5…

  • 1.5 levels

    Maintaining the upward thrust in world average temperature below 1.5 levels Celsius will grasp a ways off from the worst impacts of climate alternate, scientists reveal. That’s when put next with ‘pre-industrial’ instances. The arena has already warmed about 1C since then.

  • 2 levels

    The distinctive aim for limiting the upward thrust in world average temperature. Recent compare functions to 1.5 levels being a much safer limit.

  • 3 levels

    The brand new doubtless upward push in average world temperature by the 365 days 2100 if countries grasp their promises to gash emissions of greenhouse gases, which can be riding climate alternate.

  • 4 levels

    A prediction of the doubtless upward push in average temperature by 2100 if no additional circulation is taken. This may perhaps well look predominant sea-stage upward push, with many coastal areas becoming uninhabitable, moreover as fashioned severe heatwaves and large disruption to agriculture.

  • Adaptation

    An circulation that helps cope with the effects of climate alternate – as an illustration constructing properties on stilts to guard from flooding, establishing boundaries to grasp abet rising sea levels or rising vegetation that may perhaps well well also dwell on high temperatures and drought.

  • AGW

    Stands for ‘Anthropogenic World Warming’, that formulation the upward thrust in temperatures precipitated by human activity like the burning of fossil fuels much like coal and oil. This produces carbon dioxide and other so-referred to as greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the environment and build of living off the planet to was warmer. That is moreover as to adjustments in the climate which occur thanks to pure processes.

  • Arctic ice

    The Arctic Ocean freezes in iciness and much of it then thaws in summer season, and the intention thawing has increased by 40% throughout the final few a long time. The Arctic space is warming twice as fast because the the relaxation of the planet.

  • Attribution

    Attribution is the strategy by which scientists are attempting to show masks whether climate alternate has made a particular weather tournament – like a heatwave – extra doubtless.

  • Sensible temperature

    The average temperature of the arena is calculated with the aid of temperature readings taken from weather stations, satellites and ships and buoys at sea. Currently it stands at 14.9C.


    Stands for ‘Bio Vitality with Carbon Choose and Storage’. It be the title for a system in which vegetation are grown (which attracts in carbon dioxide from the air) and after they are burned to operate electrical energy, carbon emissions are captured after which saved. Scientists look here is a key formulation to grasp the lights on whereas no longer adding to world warming, however the expertise is in its infancy.

  • Biofuel

    A gas derived from renewable, natural sources, including vegetation much like maize, palm oil and sugar cane, and some kinds of agricultural raze.

  • Biomass

    Biomass is plant or animal self-discipline cloth frail to invent vitality or as uncooked materials for other products. The supreme example is cow dung; one more is compressed wood pellets, which can be now frail in some vitality stations.

  • Carbon

    Carbon is a chemical ingredient which is every so continuously described as a constructing block for all existence on Earth because it is miles point to in most plant and animal existence. It is also point to in fuels like petrol, coal and pure gas, and when burned, is emitted as a gas referred to as carbon dioxide.

  • Carbon purchase

    The trapping and removal of carbon dioxide gas from the air. The gas can then be reused, or injected into deep underground reservoirs. Carbon purchase is every so continuously in most cases known as geological sequestration. The expertise is for the time being in its infancy.

  • Carbon dioxide

    Carbon dioxide is a gas in the Earth’s environment. It happens naturally and is really a derivative of human actions much like burning fossil fuels. It is the predominant greenhouse gas produced by human activity.

  • Carbon footprint

    The amount of carbon emitted by a individual or organisation in a given duration of time, or the amount of carbon emitted throughout the accomplish of a product.

  • Carbon honest

    A activity where there isn’t any discover liberate of carbon dioxide (CO2). As an illustration, rising biomass takes CO2 out of the environment, whereas burning it releases the gas again. The activity may perhaps well well be carbon honest if the amount taken out and the amount launched had been an identical. A firm or country may perhaps well well also additionally discover carbon neutrality by formulation of carbon offsetting. The phrase ‘discover zero’ has the an identical that formulation.

  • Carbon offsetting

    Carbon offsetting is most recurrently frail with regards to air bolt. It permits passengers to pay extra to aid compensate for the carbon emissions created from their flight. The money is then invested in environmental initiatives – like planting bushes or installing solar panels – which gash abet the carbon dioxide in the air by the an identical amount. Some activists have criticised carbon offsetting as an excuse to continue polluting, arguing that it does small to alternate behaviour.

  • Carbon sink

    One thing which absorbs extra carbon dioxide than it emits. In nature, the main carbon sinks are rainforests, oceans and soil.

  • CCU

    Stands for ‘Carbon Choose and Utilisation’. This consists of the exhaust of expertise to blueprint carbon dioxide from the environment and flip it into products like biofuels and plastics.

  • Climate alternate

    A pattern of alternate affecting world or regional climate, as measured by average temperature and rainfall, and the arrangement in overall frightening weather events like heatwaves or heavy rains occur. This change may perhaps well well even be precipitated by every pure processes and by humans. World warming is an casual term frail to describe climate alternate precipitated by humans.

  • Climate mannequin

    Climate objects are laptop simulations of how the environment, oceans, land, vegetation and ice behave below diverse levels of greenhouse gases. This helps scientists near up with projections for what Earth will be like as world warming continues. The objects enact no longer invent right predictions, but as a substitute counsel ranges of that you just’re going to imagine outcomes.

  • Climate negotiations

    Climate negotiations grasp jam every 365 days because the United Nations brings governments collectively to debate circulation to quit climate alternate. The aim in overall is a collective agreement to gash abet carbon emissions by sure dates. The most recent of these is the Paris Settlement of 2015 which build of living the targets of limiting warming to 2C or 1.5C if that you just’re going to imagine. Negotiations are repeatedly complicated because many countries are carefully counting on fossil fuels and dismay in regards to the effects of any alternate on their economies.

  • CO2

    Skill carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas which is really a predominant product of human activity much like burning fossil fuels. Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the environment formulation extra heat is retained, causing the planet to warm up.

  • COP

    Stands for ‘Convention of the Events’. It is the title for the annual UN negotiations on climate alternate below what’s referred to as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Commerce (look UNFCCC). The aim is to quit abominable human interference with the climate.

  • Copenhagen

    A UN climate summit used to be held in Copenhagen in 2009 which descended into acrimony and ended with countries handiest agreeing a non-binding accord that climate alternate used to be “one of the supreme challenges of the point to day”. The tournament is broadly notion to be one of the least productive since climate negotiations started.

  • Coral bleaching

    Coral bleaching refers the alternate in colour of coral reefs when the ocean temperature rises above a undeniable stage, forcing the corals to eject the algae they in overall co-exist with – this turns them white. Coral can discover greater if the water cools, but lasting ruin can be carried out if it stays too sizzling.

  • Deforestation

    The clearing of forests to operate formulation for farming much like soy vegetation to feed livestock or palm oil for individual products. This releases fundamental levels of carbon dioxide as bushes are burned.

  • Deniers

    Climate deniers receive that climate alternate is handiest taking jam thanks to pure processes and that human activity has no role. They dispute the work of many hundreds of experts around the arena, whose compare has been peep-reviewed and published and is in response to analyze stretching abet extra than a century.

  • Emissions

    Emissions are any liberate of gases much like carbon dioxide which build of living off world warming, a predominant cause in the abet of climate alternate. They’ll be cramped scale in the assemble of exhaust from a vehicle or methane from a cow, or greater-scale much like these from coal-burning vitality stations and heavy industries.

  • Improper weather

    Improper weather is any assemble of uncommon, severe or unseasonal weather. Examples will be predominant heat waves, with temperature records broken, extended droughts moreover as frigid spells and heavier than traditional rainfall. Scientists predict that frightening weather will was extra fashioned because the arena becomes warmer.

  • Ideas loop

    In a feedback loop, rising temperatures alternate the environment in techniques that have an influence on the rate of warming. Ideas loops can add to the rate of warming or gash abet it. As the Arctic sea-ice melts, the floor adjustments from being a sparkling reflective white to a darker blue or green, which permits extra of the Solar’s rays to be absorbed. So less ice formulation extra warming and extra melting.

  • Fossil fuels

    Fuels much like coal, oil and pure gas had been formed when tiny vegetation and animals flourished in the frail past, moving carbon from the environment, before dying and being beaten over millions of years. When burned, they liberate carbon dioxide.

  • Geo-engineering

    Geo-engineering is any expertise that may perhaps well well even be frail to cease or even reverse climate alternate. Examples fluctuate from extracting carbon dioxide from the environment and storing it underground, to extra a ways-fetched tips much like deploying good mirrors in house to deflect the Solar’s rays. Some scientists reveal geo-engineering may perhaps well well also demonstrate fundamental because no longer adequate is being carried out to gash abet emissions of greenhouse gases. Others warn that the technologies are unproven and can have unexpected consequences.

  • World temperature

    In overall a reference to temperature averaged across your complete planet.

  • World warming

    The proper upward push in world average temperature in recent a long time, which experts reveal is principally precipitated by human-produced greenhouse gas emissions. The long-term pattern continues upwards with 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 being the warmest years on file.

  • Green vitality

    Green vitality, every so continuously referred to as renewable vitality, is generated from pure, replenishable sources. Examples are wind and solar vitality moreover as biomass, made of compressed wood pellets.

  • Greenhouse gases

    Natural and human-produced gases that trap heat in the environment and warm the floor. The Kyoto Protocol restricts emissions of six greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, perfluorocarbons, hydrofluorocarbons, and sulphur hexafluoride.

  • Gulf Stream

    The Gulf Stream is a warm ocean new which originates in the Gulf of Mexico and flows up the east fly of the united states and across the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists receive Europe may perhaps well well be greatly cooler without it. There’s a dismay that the circulation will be disrupted if rising temperatures soften extra polar ice, bringing an influx of freshwater.

  • Hydrocarbon

    A hydrocarbon is a substance consisting fully of hydrogen and carbon. The predominant fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – are hydrocarbons and as such, are the main source of emissions linked to climate alternate.

  • IPCC

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Commerce is a scientific physique established by the United Nations and the World Meteorological Organization. Its role is to explore and assess the latest scientific compare into climate alternate. Its file in 2018 warned that the upward thrust in world temperatures can need to be restricted to 1.5C to grasp a ways off from abominable impacts.

  • Jetstream

    A jetstream is a narrow band of fast-flowing air at high altitude which acts as predominant have an effect on on the weather. Jetstreams will be disrupted by warming in polar areas, and this can even accomplish frightening weather like Europe’s sizzling summer season of 2018 extra fashioned.

  • Kyoto Protocol

    A build of living of tips agreed at Kyoto in Japan in 1997, in which 84 developed countries agreed to gash abet their mixed emissions by 5.2% of their stage in 1990.

  • Lukewarmers

    A term frail to describe americans that receive that climate alternate is proper, and being pushed by human activity, but that its effects are no longer as abominable as predicted by scientists.

  • Methane

    Methane is a gas which traps about 30 instances extra heat than carbon dioxide. It is produced by human activity from agriculture – cows emit large portions – moreover as raze dumps and leaks from coal mining. Methane can be emitted naturally from wetlands, termites and wildfires. One massive downside is that carbon held in frozen ground in arctic areas will be launched as methane as temperatures upward push and the bottom thaws. This would also build of living off extra, unpredictable world warming.

  • Mitigation

    Motion that may perhaps gash abet human-pushed climate alternate. This entails reducing greenhouse gas emissions by switching to renewable vitality, or taking pictures greenhouse gases from the environment by planting forests.

  • Acquire zero

    A term frail to describe any activity where there isn’t any discover liberate of carbon dioxide (CO2). As an illustration, rising biomass takes CO2 out of the environment, whereas burning it releases the gas again. The activity may perhaps well well be discover zero if the amount taken out and the amount launched had been an identical. A firm or country may perhaps well well also additionally discover discover zero by formulation of carbon offsetting. Acquire zero processes or manufactured objects are every so continuously also describbed as being ‘carbon honest’.

  • Ocean acidification

    The ocean absorbs roughly a quarter of human produced carbon dioxide (CO2) from the environment, which helps to gash abet the cease of climate alternate. On the opposite hand, when the CO2 dissolves in seawater, carbonic acid is formed. Carbon emissions from industry in the closing 200 years have already begun to alter the chemistry of the arena’s oceans. If this pattern continues, marine creatures will gain it extra difficult to style their shells and skeletal constructions, and coral reefs will be killed off. This may perhaps well have serious consequences for these that rely upon them as fishing grounds.

  • Ozone layer

    The ozone layer is a part of Earth’s high environment which contains a large concentration of gas molecules comprising three oxygen atoms referred to as ozone. Ozone helps filter faulty ultraviolet gentle from the Solar, that may perhaps well well also accomplish bigger the threat of pores and skin most cancers. Within the Eighties and Nineties, industrial gases referred to as chlorofluorocarbons (or CFCs) had been banned because they damaged the ozone layer. These gases are also potent greenhouse gases, contributing to world warming.

  • PPM / ppm

    An abbreviation for ‘components per million’, frail to describe the concentration of a gas much like carbon dioxide in the environment. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Commerce (IPCC) instantaneous in 2007 that the arena can need to are attempting to stabilise greenhouse gas levels at 450 ppm CO2 identical in direct to avert abominable climate alternate. Some scientists, and many of the countries most at threat of climate alternate, argue that the safe greater limit is 350ppm. As much as the moment levels of CO2 broke via 400ppm (on the Mauna Loa Laboratory in Hawaii) in 2013, and continue to climb at about 2-3ppm per 365 days.

  • Pre-industrial

    Scientists exhaust a baseline with which to envision the stylish upward push in temperatures on Earth. The baseline in overall quoted is 1850-1900, and world temperatures have risen by about 1C since then. The truth, undoubtedly, is that industry after all bought going out of the ordinary earlier, but there’s however a perceptible uptick in the levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the environment by 1850-1900 and the duration is deemed subsequently to be a significant marker.

  • Renewable vitality

    In overall refers to vitality sources much like biomass (much like wood and biogas), the float of water, geothermal (heat from inner the earth), wind, and solar.

  • Runaway climate alternate

    Describes how the climate alternate may perhaps well well also impulsively alternate after passing a ‘tipping point’, making it out of the ordinary extra difficult to quit or reverse. In 2018, the IPCC mentioned that world emissions can need to be reduced by forty five% by 2030, and to discover zero by 2050 to have 50% probability of limiting temperature rises to 1.5C this century.

  • Sea ice

    Sea-ice is point to in polar areas. It grows in extent and thickness in autumn and iciness, and melts in spring and summer season. The amount of sea-ice in the Arctic is seen as a key indicator of climate trends since the space is warming sooner than most other areas on Earth. The smallest ever extent (in the satellite generation) of Arctic sea-ice used to be recorded in September 2012. The three.41 million square kilometers used to be 44% below the 1981-2010 average.

  • Sea stage rises

    Rising sea levels are predicted to be one of the most drastic impacts of climate alternate. In this context, there are two predominant causes for sea-stage upward push: (1) the growth of seawater because the oceans warm; and (2) the dawdle-off into the ocean of water from melting ice sheet and glaciers. Recent sea levels are about 20cm greater on average than they had been in 1900. 365 days on 365 days, sea levels are at this time going up by factual over 3mm.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability formulation ingesting the planet’s sources at a rate at which they’ll be replenished. It be every so continuously identified as ‘sustainable vogue’. Forms of renewable vitality much like solar or wind vitality are described as sustainable, whereas the exhaust of wood from managed forests where bushes are replanted in step with how many are gash down is one more example.

  • Tipping point

    Describes how the climate may perhaps well well also impulsively alternate after passing a ‘tipping point’, making it out of the ordinary extra difficult to quit or reverse. Scientists reveal it is miles pressing that policy-makers halve world carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 or threat triggering adjustments that may perhaps be irreversible.


    Stands for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Commerce. That is a world treaty, signed on the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, which mentioned that countries can need to work to stabilise greenhouse gas concentrations in the environment to grasp a ways off from abominable climate alternate.

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