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Hurricane Dorian: What is a king tide and how will it affect Dorian? – WFTV Orlando

Hurricane Dorian: What is a king tide and how will it affect Dorian? – WFTV Orlando

As a strengthening Hurricane Dorian heads for a likely landfall along the Florida coast, the storm may coincide with a twice-a-year phenomenon that could lead to even more destruction than a Category 4 hurricane would already bring.

As a strengthening Hurricane Dorian heads for a doubtless landfall alongside the Florida lunge, the storm may perchance perchance perchance coincide with a twice-a-12 months phenomenon that can perchance perchance presumably result in contrivance more destruction than a Category 4 typhoon would already bring.

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King tides, or strangely high tides that occur when the moon is closest to the Earth, are taking bid now in Florida and are inclined to continue thru Labor Day, the time Dorian is forecast to construct landfall.

How would king tides have an affect on what happens with Dorian? Right here’s a explore at king tides and what they save.

What’s a king tide?

The time interval “king tide” is a time interval outdated faculty to picture an particularly high tide tournament. It’s now no longer a scientific time interval.

What causes a king tide?

The tides occur when there is an alignment of the gravitational pull between the sun and moon in the Northern Hemisphere, per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“Twice a 12 months when the Earth, sun and moon line up, when the moon and the sun are at perigee and perihelion, we on the total trip the supreme tidal ranges of the 12 months,” per the North Carolina King Tides Mission.

What are perigee and perihelion? 

Perigee is the title of the level when the moon is closest to the Earth.

Perihelion contrivance a level in the orbit of a planet (in this case Earth), asteroid or comet that’s nearest to the sun.

What does this wish to avoid wasting with tides?

A pair of occasions a 12 months, in the spring and tumble, the recent or plump moon coincides with the perigee of the moon.

All the contrivance thru plump or recent moons real looking tidal ranges are a minute bit higher. A recent or plump moon occurs when the sun, earth and moon are in shut to alignment. The tides this alignment creates are a minute bit higher than real looking tides and are known as the “perigean spring tides.”

What happens after they occur shut to the time a tropical draw makes landfall?

A tropical draw pushed water inland in come of making landfall.  If that happens in the course of a perigean spring tide, it pushes an already abnormally high tide, even higher, including to property hurt and coastline erosion.

King tides save now no longer carry the water ranges by an unheard of quantity, but they save carry them.

When is the following king tide in Florida?

King tides alongside the east lunge of Florida began Monday and are expected to continue thru next Tuesday.

NOAA predicts that prime tides will be at their highest level on Thursday and Friday night at Miami Beach.


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