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Jeff Bezos’ Lunar Lander Is a Modular Multipurpose Landing System – Jalopnik

Jeff Bezos’ Lunar Lander Is a Modular Multipurpose Landing System – Jalopnik

There are two well-known crazy rich guys building rockets right now, and while Elon Musk and SpaceX tend to get most of the attention—mostly because they are actually doing real things in space—Jeff Bezos and his company, Blue Origin, have been developing some interesting launch vehicles and other space hardware, including a new lunar landing…

There are two noteworthy loopy filthy rich guys constructing rockets beautiful now, and whereas Elon Musk and SpaceX are inclined to salvage rather a lot of the distinction—mostly because they are in actuality doing right things in put—Jeff Bezos and his firm, Blue Starting up put, were constructing some attention-grabbing delivery vehicles and diversified put hardware, including a brand new lunar landing system unveiled the day past. The lander is understood as Blue Moon, and it’s attention-grabbing in that it’s no longer a single-unprejudiced lander love the Apollo LEM, but appears to be a platform for extra than one lunar landing mission sorts.

The lander type of appears love the descent stage of the Apollo LEM after years of working out, intense accessorizing, and a large snort spurt.

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The Blue Moon lander is in a position to landing over 14,000 kilos of payload on the moon, and that cargo may possibly well well well possibly be distributed between compartments in the predominant body of the lander and on the upper deck, which can lower rovers and diversified cargo all the style down to the ground with special crane mechanisms.

The payload bays meet the ESPA payload interface identical outdated, and on-board fuel cells present vitality self reliant of salvage admission to to daylight hours.

The most necessary engine on the lander is a liquid-hydrogen and liquid-oxygen-fueled re-startable, throttleable engine known as BE-7 that makes over 10,000 kilos of thrust. That’s nearly the real identical because the dilapidated Apollo lander’s descent stage engine.

A crewed model of the Blue Moon has been planned as nicely, adding a pressurized ascent stage on the upper cargo deck, grand love the fashioned Apollo LEM.

It’s price noting that the landing pads seem miniature when put next with Apollo hardware, but it unquestionably appears, in accordance to Bezos, that the Apollo landing pads had been outsized because no person used to be in actuality optimistic how dense the lunar ground would in actuality be.

We haven’t viewed any right plans for when the lander will in actuality lunge to the moon, but Bezos advised that a landing by 2024 used to be a purpose—a date echoed on the Blue Starting up put net feature.

Elon Musk has lunar ambitions as nicely; per chance the two billionaires can scheme up to land on the moon on the identical time, and deal with the universe to a one-sixth-gravity lunar billionaire combat.

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