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NASA’s Curiosity rover makes surprising methane discovery on Mars – CNET

NASA’s Curiosity rover makes surprising methane discovery on Mars – CNET

The Curiosity rover collected the images for this selfie on May 13, 2019, which corresponds to Sol 2405 on Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Kevin M. Gill NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, has detected the largest amount of methane yet measured during its seven years on the Red Planet. It’s a particularly riveting discovery because the methane levels discovered by…


The Curiosity rover serene the photos for this selfie on Might maybe well also 13, 2019, which corresponds to Sol 2405 on Mars.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Kevin M. Gill

NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, has detected the greatest quantity of methane but measured for the length of its seven years on the Crimson Planet. Or no longer it is an especially riveting discovery for the reason that methane levels stumbled on by the rover are about three times bigger than outdated detections, ensuing in some speculation the gas shall be biological in foundation.

A anecdote by the New York Cases on Saturday first published the habitual discovering after obtaining an interior email from Ashwin Vasavada, a challenge scientist on the mission. On Sunday, NASA launched a statement confirming the discovery, explaining how Curiosity’s Sample Prognosis at Mars (SAM) suite of devices had detected methane at 21 aspects per billion items by quantity — important bigger than ever earlier than.

Methane is a compulsory molecule for microbes on Earth and its detection on any other planet has led to speculation that little microbes are (or had been) puffing gas out at this kind of rate that NASA’s mettlesome rover can space them.

Scientists enjoy detected hints of methane on the ground of Mars within the past, including as a long way attend as the Viking missions within the 1970s. Thus, the discovery of extra methane would no longer essentially mean we now enjoy stumbled upon lifestyles. Moreover, spikes in Mars’ methane levels are seemingly to be no longer uncommon, with a keep reporting final June on seasonal variations within the molecule’s atmospheric concentration. So where has this explicit methane come from? The straightforward acknowledge is: We appropriate uncover no longer know but.

“There are a couple of a lot of tips that enjoy been advocate to point things which consist of every and each biological and non-biological mechanisms,” says Jonti Horner, astrophysics professor at the College of Southern Queensland, Australia. 

“It’s miles rarely quite a smoking gun for lifestyles appropriate but.”    

Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s science mission directorate, has cautioned in opposition to jumping straight to the E.T. acknowledge on Twitter, noting methane could also moreover be created by geological processes. And sadly, up to now as every person knows, rocks are no longer living beings.

Curiosity now has some extra work to uncover, with a be conscious-up experiment being conducted over the weekend “to uncover extra recordsdata on what’s going to be a transient plume,” says NASA. The agency notes these uncommon methane spikes enjoy been picked up earlier than, nevertheless we’re no longer surely obvious how prolonged they final or what’s going to be inflicting them. Results from the additional experiment could also reach us as early as Monday, in step with the Cases.

Then again, the agency notes Curiosity does no longer enjoy devices that could also definitively drawl where the methane could also enjoy come from.

“With our present measurements, we uncover no longer enjoy any approach of telling if the methane offer is biology or geology, or even extinct or unusual,” said Paul Mahaffy, SAM predominant investigator, in a statement.

Apt science relies on be conscious-up and repeat findings earlier than affirmation, so whereas it be easy to uncover angry by the probability of signs of lifestyles, important extra work needs to be performed earlier than we are in a position to surely verify the presence of any little, underground martian friends.

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